Amiga 1200 Gotek, FlashFloppy, 3D Printed Mount
Amiga 500 or 500 Plus Gotek OLED Display and FlashFloppy
Amiga 500 Gotek unit is a great replacement for your failing Amiga 500 or Amiga 500 Plus floppy drive or you wish to simply replace it with a Gotek drive. These are plug and play in that you simply remove your existing Amiga 1200/600 floppy drive and replace it with this unit (you use your existing bracket). 2 new screws will also be supplied to secure it to the Amiga 500. You will need a USB memory stick (NOT included) with your loaded ADF files. Want to know what a gotek drive is checkout this post
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Amiga 500/500 Plus Recapped
Amiga 500 (Plus) Recapping (Standard)
Amiga 500 (Plus) recapping service, all board revisions, NOTE this is NOT a repair service a battery repair for the 500 Plus.
  • Check of the board before recapping is begun.
  • Removal of existing capacitors.
  • Cleanup and preparation of area.
  • Replace using Panasonic/Wurth/KEMET capacitors.
  • Retest (Video, Audio, Floppy Boot.
  • FREE UK return postage of your recapped board.
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ScanPlus ECS Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 Scandoubler
ScanPlus ECS – Amiga 500, 500 Plus and Amiga 2000 Scandoubler
ScanPlus ECS is a internal Scandoubler for the Amiga 500, 500 Plus and Amiga 2000 (not Amiga 3000). The advantage of the internal ScanPlus ECS is that it will allow you to connect to a standard VGA monitor weather that be a traditional (best) CRT experience or a flat screen monitor or TV with VGA connector. The primary PCB sits where the Denise sits, and the Denise chip sits in the ScanPlus ECS PCB (8362 (OCS) and 8373 (ECS) Denise are supported selectable with a jumper). Output connector connects to a VGA at 50hz. ScanPlus ECS is plug and play, no drivers or setting up required, it will work straight out of the box, all Amiga screen modes are avilable via the VGA connector. What's included:
  • ScanPlus ECS .
  • VGA breakout socket.
  • Ribbon cable to connect to VGA socket.
  • Item is brand new.
  • Includes FREE UK shipping (tracked, signed and insured).


  • Not retail boxed.
  • Requires some knowledge of Amiga hardware when installing, fitting service avilable if required, ask for details.
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