Amiga A1200 Keyboard Membrane (NEW)
Amiga A1200 Keyboard Membrane (New)
Amiga A1200 Keyboard Membrane brand new. If you have issues with your Amiga A1200 keyboard with missing keys or missing rows of keys the chances are the membrane needs replacing. These Amiga A1200 brand new (manufactured 2020) membranes are based on the original Mitsumi keyboard membrane (also marked A1200-A) and original Mitsumi Model number 56C774A. What if you have missing keys or rows of keys on the Keyboard? Try these possible fixes first:
  • Check the ribbon is inserted all the way in the connector on the Amiga A1200 mainboard.
  • If it's only 1 or two keys the plunger may need a clean, strip down the keyboard and clean the plunger with some IPA.
  • If it's a whole row of keys missing its a very strong possibility that the membrane on your needs replacing.
  • The final step is to trim off 1mm of the connector (the ribbon end that plugs into the A1200 mainboard).
Do let us know if any of the above fixes help you!  
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