Greaseweazle V4
Greaseweazle V4 USB Floppy Adapter Flux Reader Writer

Greaseweazle v4 allows versatile floppy drive control over USB. By extracting the raw flux transitions from a drive, any disk format can be captured and analyzed - PC, Amiga, Amstrad, PDP-11, musical instruments, industrial equipment, and more. The Greaseweazle also supports writing to floppy disks, from a range of image file formats including those commonly used for online preservation (ADF, IPF, DSK, IMG, HFE, ...).


Greaseweazle V4 is the latest version, updated for mass production and with the following features:

  • Reads and writes 3", 3.5", 5.25", 8" disks (with suitable drive and cable)
  • Buffered outputs, for communicating with older 5.25" and 8" disk drives
  • Integrated power connector for directly powering most 3.5" disk drives
  • Write-enable jumper can be removed for safer preservation of precious vintage disks
  • Supports flippy-modded 5.25" drives
  • Supports Disk-Change detection as used by Rob Smith's integration into the WinUAE Amiga emulator
  • 3 user-definable outputs (eg. 8" interface REDWC signal)
  • 100% factory tested, and tested again by me before shipping

More information and documentation on the wiki page here:

This listing is for the Greaseweazle V4 device only. And does not include which you will require:

  • A disk drive (for example a PC 3.5" or 5.25" drive)
  • A floppy ribbon cable (typically you want a standard PC cable with 'twist' on pins 10-16, to communicate with a PC floppy drive)
  • Floppy drive power cable, or power supply
We don't offer any support for using this device. Built by Zero Flux Development.
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ZX Spectrum +3 Gotek Driv
ZX Spectrum 128K +3 Gotek Drive, OLED Display, FlashFloppy
ZX Spectrum 128 +3 Gotek Drive is a great replacement for your failing ZX Spectrum 128 +3 3" floppy drive or you wish to simply replace it with a Gotek drive. These are plug and play and come pre flashed with FlashFloppy. installation is simple, you simply remove your existing floppy drive and replace it with this unit, the Gotek drive also comes with the correct interface cable and modified power lead. You will need a USB memory stick (NOT included) with your loaded DSK files but we offer an option for a pre-configured USB stick below.
What's included?
  • ZX Spectrum 128 +3 Gotek Drive and mount.
  • Modified Ribbon Cable.
  • Modified Power Cable.
What are DSK files?
DSK files is the standard ZX Spectrum 128 +3 disk images (including Amstrad CPC 6128) for floppy disk images. No different to Sega or Nintendo roms, DSK files are images of ZX Spectrum 128 +3 games and programs. Not only could you have access to a huge back catalogue of retro ZX Spectrum 128 +3 games and programs, but there are still brand new games being released today, for example: Captain Gopher or  Bullet Storm.
What are gotek drives in detail? Read here What is FlashFloppy check out this link
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