ScanPlus AGA Amiga 1200/4000D
ScanPlus AGA – Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000D Scandoubler
ScanPlus AGA is a internal Scandoubler for the Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000D (not Amiga 4000T or Amiga CD32). The advantage of the internal ScanPlus AGA is that it will allow you to connect to a standard VGA monitor whether that be a traditional (best) CRT experience or a flat screen monitor or TV with VGA connector. The primary PCB sits over the Lisa chip and the smaller PCB sits over the Alice chip. Output connector connects to a VGA socket which sits in a 3D printed backplate which is included (available in white or black, please note white will be sent if no note is made asking for black). ScanPlus is plug and play, no drivers or setting up required, it will work straight out of the box, all Amiga screen modes are available via the VGA connector, these include Multiscan, PAL, NTSC, DoublePAL DoubleNTSC, Euro36, Euro72, Super72. It provides smooth 50-60 Hz and up to 24 bit colour depth. What's included:
  • ScanPlus AGA (Lisa and Alice PCB's).
  • VGA breakout socket.
  • White Backplate for VGA socket (please but a note on the order to ask for Black if required instead).
  • Ribbon cable to connect to VGA socket.
  • Link cable to Alice PCB.
  • DPMS screensaver utility included - Download here
  • Item is brand new.
  • Installation guide is here


  • Not retail boxed.
  • Requires some knowledge of Amiga hardware when installing, fitting service available if required, ask for details.
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