xT Accelerator for Amiga 600
xT Accelerator Amiga 600, 28Mhz CPU, 11MB Fastram
xT Accelerator Amiga 600 with an onboard 28Mhz CPU with 11MB Fastram is one of the smallest and slimmest accelerator cards for the Amiga 600 computer, with some extra skill you can also fit the original HDD sled to it.The card is mounted on top of the MC68000 PLCC68 processor. All configuration options are available in the CLI.   Full specs:
  • CPU MC68SEC000AA20, clocked on 28MHz.
  • 11MB Fast Ram.
  • MapROM Feature.
  • PCMCIA Friendly - Ram needs to be set to 4MB.
  • Embedded hardware DriveSWAP DF0/DF1 (Boot Selector).
  • Some demos or games may require disable "CPU CACHE" for better compatibility with the MC68000.
  • The card is designed to work with 3.1 Roms and above including 3.2 and 3.2.1.
  • PCB Colour will vary
*2Mb Chip ram is strongly recommended for WHDLoad which is available here    
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