AmiKIT for PiStorm and Pistorm32 (RPi 3A+, CM4 & RPi4 B)

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AmiKit for Pistorm and PiStorm32 is a pre-installed full workbench environment for the Commodore Amiga A500 A500 Plus, A600, A1200 and A2000 equipped with a Pistorm A500, Pistorm A600, PiStorm32-Lite or PiStorm32-Lite CM4. The SD card is packed with over 400+ classic Amiga programs and games. This version has been has been optimised for the PiStorm and It transforms your Amiga workbench interface in to a highly colourful, high resolution RTG desktop perfect for any HDMI monitor!!

Checkout this video


What you need:

  • AmigaOS 3.2 ADF Files (Licenced AmigaOS 3.2 is available here)
  • AmigaOS 3.2.2 update (available free from Hyperion’s website once you register AmigaOS 3.2)
  • AmigaOS hotfix (again available free from Hyperon)
  • Picasso96 drivers from Aminet
  • Internet connection from your Amiga (to register AmiKit on AmiKit Servers) using a PCMCIA WiFi or LAN card, Plipbox etc. There is a 15min demo of Roadshow TCP/IP stack included. 
  • Full HD 1920×1080 monitor (or at least HD 1360×768) for RTG desktop plus a second Amiga monitor for 15kHz native modes like PAL/NTSC (or just one monitor with multiple inputs or a suitable video upscaler like the Indivision AGA MK3 for the A1200 allowing 15kHz modes on modern monitors)


What’s included

  • 64GB MicroSD Card preloaded with AmiKit for PiStorm.
  • Metal case for for 2 SD and 4 microSD cards.
  • MicroSD to SD card adapter.
  • Licence key to register with AmiKit




Recommended Specs:

Amiga 1200 with PiStorm32-lite & Raspberry Pi 4B (1GB+ RAM) or CM4 or at least RPi3; with heatsinks + ideally a cooling fan

Minimum Specs:

Amiga 500/600/2000 with PiStorm & Raspberry Pi 3A+ or 3B+ or Zero2W; with heatsinks + ideally a cooling fan

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PiStorm32-Lite for Amiga A1200
PiStorm32 Lite A1200 with RPi 3A+, 64Gb SD Card
PiStorm32-Lite A1200 is the full package which includes:  
  • PiStorm32-Lite A1200 Adaptor
  • Raspberry Pi 3A+ Module
  • 64Gb SD Card (Pre-installed kernel with EMU68) You will need a copy of Workbench 3.0 or above and a kickstart rom again 3.1 or above or send us an SD image and we will install and setup FOC.
  • 3D printed RPi header protector
  Once installed and setup you will have an implementation of MC68020/030/040 with FPU support, coupled with a fast implementation of the Emu68 CPU unit (Emu68 is a JIT emulator) written by Michal Schulz, thanks to it the system boots in a few seconds. Extra functionality is added (thanks to an additional RPi 3A+ module) with an HDMI port, so you can have Full HD video and around 340MB of Fast Ram.   Check out this video by Capt. LeChuck, Pistorm32-Lite with EMU68K   [kad_youtube url="" ]   We also just sell the Pistorm32-Lite adaptor here, just add you own Raspberry Pi and SD Card.  
  NOTE: This is a open source project and will require some knowledge of the Amiga. The PiStorm adaptors are professionally manufactured, and a contribution to the developer is made.    
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PiStorm32-Lite CM4 Module Bundle
PiStorm32-Lite CM4, Expansion Breakout & 64Gb SD Card Bundle
PiStorm32-Lite CM4 bundle with Raspberry Pi CM4 module, expansion breakout with HDMI, Ethernet, USB and 64Gb SD Card. This is fully assembled, just installed Workbench. What's included:
  • Pistorm32-Lite adapter
  • CM4 Adapter (Allows connection of Expansion Breakout and Compute Module 4)
  • Raspberry Pi CM4 module with Wifi (Supports AmiKit also)
  • Passive Cooler
  • Expansion Breakout that provides HDMI, USB and Ethernet Ports
  • SD Card 64GB Sandisk Ultra (pre installed EMU68 on 200MB partition) Optional upgrade to AmiKit Pistorm edition*
  • Flex wire 40 Pin 20cm
  • Printed IO cover (3D printed)

Now with an added option of AmiKit and AmigaOS 3.2.2 plug and play options*. Now with WiFI**!

AmiKit PiStorm32 SD Card
  NOTE: The PiStorm32-Lite CM4 product is a open source project and will require some knowledge of the Amiga. *AmiKit Pistorm Edition requires AmigaOS 3.2 installation disks (ADF) and an internet connection, full details here. ** Wifi (wifipi.device) is still in alpha, which means that it can (and will) contain bugs. For this version you need to set up an unencrypted 2.4GHz wireless network (without a password). However, you can hide it in your router settings so that no one else can see it and connect to it. Future versions will bring WPA/WPA2 encryption.
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PiStorm Amiga A500 Adaptor
PiStorm Adaptor Amiga A500 – A500 Plus
PiStorm Adaptor is designed to connect to the Raspberry Pi 3A + (not included but available as an option below). Placed in the DIP64 (CPU) socket of your Amiga A500, A500 Plus or A2000 in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi, it can emulate the operation of the 68020/68030/68040 processor. The software running on PiOS greatly extends the functionality of the Amiga - adding FAST memory, RTG (graphics card) and a network card. PiStorm is designed for Amiga computers (A500 / A500 Plus / A1500 / A2000), but should work with any 16-bit computer equipped with a 68000 CPU socket (FC adapter lines are not currently used / supported by firmware and cannot be guaranteed to work properly on systems with use them). Overall performance with the current use of "Musashi" as a 68k processor emulator is around 70-80 MHz 68030. This adapter requires:
  • Raspberry Pi model 3A
  • 32Gb SD Card configured to boot in to WB
All available as an option below Want to know more about the PiStorm check out the following link:
  NOTE: This is a community project and will require some knowledge Amiga. We DO NOT provide any support for getting this product running, but support is available via the following Discord channel Also this product is still in BETA and while compatibility is very high, updates are always being released to increase compatibility with software and games. We do sell refurbished Amiga A500 and A500 Plus's which can have a PiStorm installed tested and running. Also we can add a PiStorm installation as part of any Amiga A500 or A500 Plus Service. We support developers and a percentage of the purchase price of the PiStorm adaptor is given to Claude Schwarz  The PiStorm adaptors are professionally manufacture and are RoHS compliant.
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PiStorm600 Amiga A600 Adaptor
PiStorm600 Adaptor for Amiga A600
PiStorm600 for the Amiga A600 is an adaptor in which you plug in either a Raspberry Pi Model 3A+ or *Raspberry Pi Zero Model 2 (both not included) this provides a budget CPU accelerator for the Amiga 600. Also included is a file-based SCSI device, RTG graphics and several other optional enhancements. Only the Pi 3-series is compatible with the current firmware version and only the Pi Model 3A+ and Raspberry Pi Zero Model 2 will physically fit in the A600 without modification and you can optionally support the PiStorm600 using M2.5 standoffs to help physically support it which are available as an option below.
Key Features
  • Emulate 68010,68020,68030,68040,68060 Processors with or without FPU
  • 128Mb Fastram.
  • File-based SCSI device.
  • RTG graphics from the Pi itself.
Powering the A600/PiStorm It is possible if you have a weak PSU or the Amiga 600 has not been recapped you may see instability issues as with any accelerator, you have a few options all of which are available below, If your using a Pi Zero2 then it is unlikely you will need to apply additional power. A Pi 3A+ can consume more power, but this is not often an issue until you start connecting USB devices, you have a few options below:
  • You can add extra power via a floppy power connector splitter (available below) which is a new cable which splits the floppy power to power both your internal floppy drive and the PiStorm via its built in Molex connector (DO NOT ADD POWER OTHER THAN FROM THE AMIGA ITSELF OR TRY AND USE IT TO POWER OTHER DEVICES).
  • Make sure your Amiga has been recapped, we offer 2 options Standard and Premium.
  • Purchase a new Amiga PSU of which we also offer 2 versions, A600 Standard PSU or A600 Boost PSU which also as a 5VDC line adjustment to give a perfect 5 Volts to the Amiga 600.
We always suggest recapping in the first instance as tired caps can cause other issues like poor sound or prevent the Amiga booting up.   [hr]     NOTE: PiStorm600 is a community project and will require some knowledge of the Amiga. Hardware which comes with a 1 year RTB warranty. hints and tips are available via the following Discord channel Also this product is still in BETA and while compatibility is very high, updates are always being released to increase compatibility with software and games. We support developers by donating a percentage of sales, the PiStorm A600 adaptors are professionally manufactured and are RoHS compliant. This project was designed by Lemaru
*Using the Raspberry Pi Zero Model 2 is possible as mentioned but you do lose a little in performance.
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