Checkmate 1500 Plus Amiga A1200 Build Service

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Checkmate 1500 Plus Amiga A1200 Build Service where we can free up your Amiga 1200 in to a Checkmate 1500 case allowing you to expand your Amiga to new heights! We can also offer upgrades as part of the build and of course recapping services. The Checkmate 1500 Plus cases are same as the ones you can purchase directly from however we don’t sell the cases individually, the case is however included as part of our build service.

What does our service include?
  • A Checkmate 1500 Plus case (choice of Black or White).
  • Amiga A1200 rear I/O Panel.
  • Genuine Checkmate 1500 Plus 200W SFX PSU.
  • Transplant of your existing A1200 board or purchase one of our refurbished boards.
  • Installation of Amiga 1200 ATX Power adaptor kit.
  • Transplant of existing A1200 Floppy Drive.
  • Upgrade of Kickstart Rom to 3.1 (Licenced Cloanto)


From this you can then add optional extras, for example housing your existing A1200 keyboard or an accelerator from the choices below, of course there are many upgrades which can be done but would be far too many to list and so many different combinations!

If something is not listed please by all means contact us and select the option ‘Checkmate 1500 Plus Build Service’ from the drop down box and we would be happy to discuss options beyond the ones offered below.

If you want to know more about the Checkmate 1500 Plus checkout their website 


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