Amiga A1200 HDISK/FDISK LED Adapter

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Amiga A1200 HDISK/FDISK LED adapter provides 2 separate inputs to show the activity of and not limited to, Icedrake V4, PiStorm32-Lite SD slot, hard drives or PCMCIA port using the original LED module on the Amiga 1200 LED panel.

Signals for the internal HDD and DISK are transmitted as is, also this module corrects the constant LED light that may occur with some SD or CompactFlash cards.

There are also LEDs on the module itself that show floppy and hard drive activity. This can be especially useful when the Amiga 1200 is operated without the original keyboard.


There are a total of 2 pins available on  J3  , which have the following characteristics.

  • A  = HDD input – (output via HDISK LED)
  • B  = FDD input – (output via FDISK LED)


So for example you want to show the PCMCIA activity, you would connect a wire to the FDD input and any PCMCIA activity will show via the FDISK LED.



Soldering skills will be required when connecting 3rd party activity signals to the Amiga A1200 HDISK/FDISK LED adapter, more details to follow.


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