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TF1260 TerribleFire A1200 Accelerator – NO CPU

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TF1260 TerribleFire Amiga 1200 Accelerator which hosts 128Mb Fast Ram, IDE connector (DOES NOT INCLUDE 68060 PROCESSOR). The TF1260 is one of the best 060 accelerators you can purchase for the Amiga 1200 And is the next step up after the TF1230 A1200 Accelerator add-on we sell for those that want that large speed jump.

Full specs:

  • 128MByte of fast-ram.
  • IDE Interface – Driver required – ehide.device
  • Compatible with any A1200 motherboard revision.
  • Fits in your old/new stock A1200 case!!!
  • Just add your choice of 68060 processor!


Processor support:

The TF1260 TerribleFire supports all genuine 68060 processors including:

  • MC68060RC50 or XC68060RC50 (Complete with MMU & FPU)
  • MC68LC060RC50 or XC68LC060RC50 (MMU No FPU)
  • MC68EC060RC50 or XC68EC060RC50 (No MMU or FPU)

We don’t currently offer any processors but may do in the near future. The primary issue is down to there being a number of fake CPU’s in the wild especially 68060 with MMU & FPU  (MC68060RC50 or XC68060RC50). Many may have had their original markings removed and reprinted. We don’t offer any support for non genuine processors being used or can we advise. Only purchase this card if you know you have a genuine 68060 processor, The low end versions that have no MMU or FPU are more often genuine.



  • Timing fix is strongly recommended on your A1200 motherboard. We can do this free of charge if you send your board to us (return shipping does need to be covered).
  • Kickstart ROM 3.1, 3.1.4, 3.2, 3.x or 3.9 (not compatible with 3.0).


What is Terriblefire?

Well it’s not what it’s who, and that person is Stephen Leary who has designed a whole host of accelerators and ram cards for the Amiga A500, A1200 and Amiga CD32. These include many but the most common ones are:

  • TF328 – 8Mb Fast Ram board and IDE socket for the Amiga CD32
  • TF330 – 68030 Processor, 64Mb Fast Ram and IDE socket for the Amiga CD32
  • TF536 – 68030 Processor, 64Mb Ram and IDE interface for the Amiga A500 and A500 Plus
  • TF360 – 68060 Processor other specs TBC for the Amiga CD32
  • TF1260 – 68060 Processor, 128Mb Ram and IDE Interface for the Amiga 1200
  • TF1230 – 68030 Processor 64Mb Ram and IDE interface for the Amiga 1200
  • TF4060 – 68060 Processor 128Mb Ram for the Amiga 4000
  • TF1200 – Buffee Adaptor + 5.5Mb/8Mb (you will need the new Buffee Processor



  • For every TF1260 sold we donate a percentage of the sale to Stephen Leary to support further TF card developments and we also support our builders.
  • Timing fix is recommended on your A1200 motherboard. We can do this free of charge if you send your board to us (return shipping does need to be covered).
  • You are purchasing a populated TF1260 board only, No processor is included!



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