Re-Amiga A1200 Build Service
Re-Amiga A1200 Rev 1.5 Build Service
Re-Amiga A1200 Rev 1.5 build service with ready built units or units built using your faulty A1200 board as a donor*. The Re-Amiga A1200 is a reverse engineered board by John "Chucky" Hertell. and is a full A1200 board with some extras added which include:
  • Composite Video area changed to a new decoder for improved quality. also added S- Video.
  • VGA Connector added, VGA monitor needs to support 15Khz!
  • Kickstart switch built in!
  • PCMCIA Reset fix.
  • Optional IRQ7 Switch.
  • Added LED's for _RST, _KB_RST, _ODD_CIA, _EVEN_CIA and _ROMEN also to Serial TXD and RXD (from the 5V level).
  • Added jumper headers for selectable PAL/NTSC Default start.
  • Added resistor to IDE Activity so now adapters that made IDE led always bright will be handled correctly.
  • Added pads close to floppy connector for a 0Ohm resistor if you want to do the Escom floppy patch instead of a wire.
  • USB HID Mouse socket instead of 9 Pin Serial.
  • Fits in your current metal shielding**
  This is a build service using either donor parts from our faulty A1200 boards or use your board as a donor. We support the developers and our builders and donate a percentage to the developer directly.   * Custom chips will be tested before hand, any custom chips which are faulty we will contact you and send a quote for the faulty chip. ** ReAmiga board does not come with any metal shielding.    
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