PiStorm Amiga A500 Adaptor
PiStorm Adaptor Amiga A500 – A500 Plus
PiStorm Adaptor is designed to connect to the Raspberry Pi 3A + (not included but available as an option below). Placed in the DIP64 (CPU) socket of your Amiga A500, A500 Plus or A2000 in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi, it can emulate the operation of the 68020/68030/68040 processor. The software running on PiOS greatly extends the functionality of the Amiga - adding FAST memory, RTG (graphics card) and a network card. PiStorm is designed for Amiga computers (A500 / A500 Plus / A1500 / A2000), but should work with any 16-bit computer equipped with a 68000 CPU socket (FC adapter lines are not currently used / supported by firmware and cannot be guaranteed to work properly on systems with use them). Overall performance with the current use of "Musashi" as a 68k processor emulator is around 70-80 MHz 68030. This adapter requires:
  • Raspberry Pi model 3A
  • 32Gb SD Card configured to boot in to WB
All available as an option below Want to know more about the PiStorm check out the following link: https://github.com/captain-amygdala/pistorm
  NOTE: This is a community project and will require some knowledge Amiga. We DO NOT provide any support for getting this product running, but support is available via the following Discord channel https://discord.com/invite/j6rPtzxaNW Also this product is still in BETA and while compatibility is very high, updates are always being released to increase compatibility with software and games. We do sell refurbished Amiga A500 and A500 Plus's which can have a PiStorm installed tested and running. Also we can add a PiStorm installation as part of any Amiga A500 or A500 Plus Service. We support developers and a percentage of the purchase price of the PiStorm adaptor is given to Claude Schwarz  The PiStorm adaptors are professionally manufacture and are RoHS compliant.
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RGB2HDMI Amiga A500
RGB2HDMI Amiga 500 / 500 Plus Adaptor
RGB2HDMI Amiga 500 / 500 Plus Adaptor which plus in to the Denise socket. The RGBtoHDMI project uses a Raspberry Pi Zero (not included) to display a pixel perfect image and it can be softened or scanlines can be added to connect your Amiga A500 or A500 plus to a HDMI TV without any external converter boxes or adaptors and no soldering required!! The advantage of this RGB2HDMI adaptor it allows you to plug Amiga 500 accelerators cards at the same time for example the TF534 or TF536 What is included:
  • RGB2HDMI adapter.
  • Cable with a switch.
  • For every RGB2HDMI sold we donate a percentage of the sale to LinuxJedi (we support our builders and developers).
  • Some very early Amiga 500 rev 3 motherboard might require soldering to provide the necessary sync signals.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero and an SD card are required - these are NOT INCLUDED.
  • Professionally built.
  This version was created by LinuxJedi and is based on the OpenSource RGB2HDMI project by c0pperdragon & hoglet67.    
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Ramixx500 A500 Plus
Amiga 500 Plus Mainboard Remake Ramixx500 Fully Built
Amiga 500 Plus mainboard remake AKA Ramixx500 is a motherboard clone of the classic A500 Plus REV 8.1A made by SukkoPera and not to be confused with the A500 ++ (A500 Plus Plus). The Ramixx500 is a good alternative to replace your existing broken A500 Plus board using your custom chips or one that is plug and play and soaked tested. The Ramixx500 board has had a few improvements added compared to the original A500 Plus board:
  • Kickstart Switches - You can burn your Eproms and have 2 different kickstarts and use the jumpers or add switches to switch between kickstarts
  • DF0 Switch - Again becoming a must for Amiga owners to have both a internal Gotek and external drive or vice-versa, best of both worlds!
  This is a fully built A500 Plus Ramixx500 board with all the custom chips and is plug and play, simply add your own kickstart rom or add one of the options below.   What's included?
  • Ramixx500 fully populated motherboard
  What's not included?
  • Both bottom and top shield
  • Kickstart Rom
  • Screws/Hex Screws
  33% deposit required - Rest on completion.  
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Amiga 500 Composite S-Video Modification
Amiga A500 Composite/S-Video Output Module
Amiga A500 Composite/S-Video output module provides both Composite and and S-Video output via a extra PCB. This service provides the Composite/S-Video module and installation to your Amiga A500. Installation does require the whole bottom half of the Amiga so the Composite/S-Video module can be installed. What are the benefits of the Composite/S-Video module?
  • No need for the large modulator sticking out of the back of the Amiga A500.
  • Provides true composite video signal as the signal is directly from the RGB outputs.
  • Provides true S-Video video signal as again is directly from the RGB outputs.
  • Neat internal solution that provides both composite phono port and S-Video port (case modification is required and included in the service).
This service takes into account the whole bottom half of the Amiga A500 Plus will be sent. Return UK shipping will be via Parcel Force and calculated at the checkout. £100 shipping insurance is included in the base price. Extra insurance can be added via the options below.
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