Commodore Amiga 600 with a 3 ROM switcher (no switches!)

This Commodore Amiga 600 project has a few tricks up its sleeve, this unit has a ROM switcher with 3 ROMS installed and are switched by simple holding down the CTRL – A – A for around 3 seconds, a beep is heard when the ROM is switched. So you can switch between 1.3, 2.04 and 3.1, in fact it has 8 slots so you can have further ones added!

Features of the ROM switcher:

  • Compatible with A500 (Rev 6+), A500 Plus, A600
  • Long reset (C-A-A) switches between 2-8 Amiga ROM images
  • Beep indicator when ROM is switched
  • Configurable switch delay and beeper volume
  • Optional last-image recall across power cycle