BFG9060 Accelerator 128Mb Fast RAM for Amiga A3000 & A4000

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Now available, designed and endorsed by Matthias Heinrichs a brand new Amiga A4000 and A3000 Accelerator. Available with or without CPU. These units are set up for use with any of the Motorola/Freescale 68060 CPUs (all REV’s).

BFG9060 Accelerator Amiga A4000 A3000
BFG9060 Accelerator Amiga A4000 A3000

The BFG9060 is more than just a processor card and includes:

  • 128 MB of DMA Fast RAM.
  • Temperature and voltage monitoring via I²C.
  • Overclocking capability up to 100 MHz with full 68060 Rev. 6 CPUs ONLY with heatsink and fan.
  • Onboard 5V header to connect the optional CPU fan.

These units are compatible with the ZZ9000 graphics card however it is a known issue with the Amiga 3000 in conjunction with the onboard SCSI controller, so using the BFG9060 in an A3000 without using the onboard SCSI controller is fine.

Full product details here