Checkmate 1500 Plus – Build Service

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We have the pleasure in sharing with you that we have partnered with Stephen Jones from Checkmate 1500 Plus to offer a build service for the following Amiga computers:

With this service we will transplant your existing Amiga from its current wedge case and install it into a brand new Checkmate 1500 Plus case! You have a choice of either a black or white case and when we are finished you will have an Amiga that you can upgrade beyond what is possible when keeping it in its original case.

Don’t want to transplant your existing board? No problem, we can supply new Amiga A500++ (coming early 2022) and the Re-Amiga 1200 boards!

We can also offer upgrades as part of the build service which are not limited to:

  • Fast ram upgrades perfect for WHDLoad.
  • Transplant of your original Amiga keyboard into the Checkmate Plus Keyboard case.
  • Amiga Accelerators like the TF536 for the A500, FURIA for the A600 or Terriblefire TF1230 for the A1200 or even the TF1260!
  • Amiga A500++ Motherboards (coming early 2022).
  • Re-Amiga A1200 Motherboards (available now).
  • Refurbished A500/A600/A1200 Motherboards
  • and so much more is possible!

We are aware there are so many upgrades and combinations, but our starter options will give you a great platform to start you on the Amiga upgrade journey!

Full details of the services are available here If something is not listed, please by all means contact us and select the option ‘Checkmate 1500 Plus Build Service’ from the drop down box and we would be happy to discuss options beyond the ones being offered.

What is the Checkmate 1500 Plus case?