PiStorm32-Lite A1200 Available

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You have been asking and what a great start to 2023! Pistorm32-Lite are now available in 2 flavours, 1 is for those you like to have a tinker and setup it up from scratch and the other is a complete PiStorm32-Lite bundle that you simply plug in to the expansion port of the A1200 and add a few files to an SD card (workbench and a kickstart rom). full details below!

Pistorm32-Lite Amiga A1200 Adaptor only

Pistorm32-Lite Amiga A1200 Bundle Includes Adaptor, RPi 3A+ and 32Gb SD Card (EMU68k)

Pistorm32-Lite Amiga A1200 CM4 Bundle with breakout for HDMI, USB and SD Card

PiStorm32-Lite CM4 Module Bundle
Pistorm32-Lite Bundle with CM4 Module

Have fun!