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Amiga 4000 Real Time Clock Service (RTC)

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What is RTC service?

This service replaces 11 key components within the RTC circuit and around that could be affected by leaking battery these include:

1 x U891 – This IC is part of the fastram circuit and could be damaged by battery leakage.
1 x U178 Timer IC + socket
2 x U975,U976  
1 x RP176 resistor network
1 x U177
1 x Diode for RTC reverse voltage protection
1 x battery kit PCB
1 x battery protection diode SMD
1 x battery holder
1 x CR2032 3V Lithium battery

NOTE: This service is for Amiga 4000’s that work, but have a working RTC circuit or has corrosion around this area that needs to be cleaned up.

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