Recapping a ‘recapped’ Amiga CD32

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Having bought a ‘recapped’ Amiga CD32 I was intrigued to look at the recapping work. The CD32 was in a full working order but never the less I took it apart and found this.

Amiga CD32 bad recapping


Ok so what is wrong with this? Well the first thing is obvious, radial capacitors were used, the issue was there where other SMD caps replaced (not all!) so the person who did this work seems to know how to recap SMD components, so why use radial? Well I can only assume they had no 22uf SMD capacitors to hand!

Secondly as touched upon earlier NOT all the capacitors were replaced, so you still have the high risk that they will leak so how was this resolved, check out the gallery. If you looking for your Amiga to be recapped always ask for photos of their work.