The Amiga community is great, there are so many passionate people out there who support the community, below is a selection of Amiga sites to feed that habit.

AmigaramaA weekly Amiga gaming Podcast, a great trip down memory lane where around 60 mins is dedicated to 1 game.Amigarama
The Retro HourWeekly Dose of Retro Gaming and Technology News, Views and Interviews! Now in their 3rd year!The Retro Hour
AmibayThe retro computer trading post (not just Amiga)Amibay
English Amiga BoardA forum dedicated to AmigaEAB
Indie Retro NewsCovering all retro newsIndie Retro News
AmigaLoveAn Amiga dedicated forum, very modernAmiga Love
Retro32Retro gaming news with good coverage on the Amiga
Acill Classic Computers & ConsolesA good friend that does Amiga Recapping in the