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Pistorm Amikit Issue


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Oooh I guess Im first. Hi. I bought the full setup Amikit from you guys and it arrived today. Thanks for that. I backed it up as per instructions and have went to use it on an already working Pistorm setup but tI have basically hit a brick wall. I ran the installer and everything seemed fine until it gets to selecting the screen mode and resolution. I see the message "Select & Save 1920x1080 32Bit BGRA or similar mode" for 2 seconds and then the screen goes dark. Hdmi only shows an Emu68 image and scart is dead after those couple of seconds. As a result I can't get past this because I cannot set a display mode to allow me to move on to the next part of the install. I basically have a dead screen. I have an A500 Pistorm with Kickstart 3.2.2 and a PI3A+. I have no issues with my standard Pistorm setup. I just wanted to try Amikit. Any help would be appreciated. I have also posted on the Amikit Discord forum so either way if I get a fix I will post it here as it may help someone else.

P.S. The ability to post screenshots would go a long way to help with your forum. Thanks

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Thanks Steve. The prompt and excellent reply I received at Discord was from Jan who is the actual developer/creator of Amikit. It was as follows. The cure for me was number 2. Editing the cmdline.txt file on the BOOT partition. The install was flawless after that. Hopefully this will help if anyone else encounters the same issue with Amikit for Pistorm 👍 

Hey, they are two possible solutions.
1) download and unpack the latest Emu68 files for PiStorm, and copy the files to BOOT: partition of your AmiKit card. BUT DO NOT OVERWRITE config.txt file
2) edit cmdline.txt file on the BOOT: partition and where you see vc4.mem=16, enter 8 instead of 16. Save. And cold start your Amiga with the new settings.


HI! Welcome to a very echoey room! Ok I would suggest restoring the backup and starting again but I can see you have had a reply on Discord, if that works I will update and add it here 🙂