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Geeky Coder alert!

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Hi all, I'm Neil, I'm 58 years old so am at the prime age to have been there from the beginning.

I have been working at a garden center, in the RAF as a Radar technician, three years as a video and TV engineer, and the rest of the time coding. I started out doing games etc in the 80s and 90s, for the Spectrum, Amstrad, PC, consoles, and of course the wonderful Amiga. I did a lot of educational programs for Europress using an A500, two disk drives, devpac and full on hardware bashing. I did blitter scaling and the menus  for the Lombard Rally game (1992) but that was canned due to poor management of the company I was working for.

I love all things retro, I have a BBC Master, several spectrums, X-Berry (spectrum next), Mister setup, Apollo V4 standalone, and I will soon be getting the following from Steve;

  Amiga A500 - ACA500Plus and extras. I also have a PiStorm on a Lazarustorm board, so will swap when I want that power!
  Amiga A1200 - PiStorm32  CM4 lite (and back plate) with external Gotek plus internal CF drive.

I use them for games, however I will be writing a few games etc (to keep me sane) and of course I want to do that on original hardware (as I did in the 80s). Of course they will be used when my brother visits and we get them linked.

  Apart from that, I love SciFi and I can't talk to girls as I am too shy! A true nerd of the 70s LOL

Anyway, that's me,

Thanks, Neil

Topic starter Posted : 26 June 2024 19:42