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Amiga A600 4Mb Fast Ram Module

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This unit has been superseded with the A600 8Mb Fast Ram version which you can switch between 4Mb and 8Mb fast ram.

Amiga A600 4Mb Fast ram module provides 4Mb of fast ram in your Amiga 600 works with all revisions of mainboard and simply plugs on top of the A600 processor. The benefit of having 4Mb of fast ram is that it opens up the world of WHDLoad as the recommended minimum of fast ram is 4Mb in an OCS/ECS Amiga.

It is strongly recommended that an extra 1Mb chip ram is also present (total of 2Mb chip).

Each unit is hand built and tested for 24 hrs. and built to order an take approx 3 working days from order.

This unit has been superseded with the A600 8Mb Fast Ram version which you can switch between 4Mb and 8Mb fast ram.


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Amiga 600 A608 Mini 8Mb Fast Ram Card
Amiga A600 8Mb Fast Ram PCMCIA switchable

Stock arriving between 10/14 working days (updated 23rd Feb 2021)

Amiga A600 8Mb Fast Ram Card is PCMCIA switchable using a physical jumper to switch from 8Mb to 4Mb Perfect for WHDLoad, Its tiny size makes it the smallest 8Mb fast ram card for the Amiga 600.
  • ON/OFF - You can enable or disable the card.
  • 4Mb/8Mb jumper
PCMCIA Friendly? Benefits of a PCMCIA friendly card is that you can use the PCMCIA slot of the Amiga 600 for:
  • Transferring files from your PC/MAC using the a PCMCIA CF card adaptor
  • Plug in a Ethernet card to transfer files from a PC/MAC via FTP
  • Adding a CD Drive that has a PCMCIA interface
These cards are brand new and perfect in giving your Amiga 600 a little boost but also opens the door to running WHDLoad games. What is WHDLoad? WHDLoad is a a solution where by the user can install hundreds of Amiga games on to a HDD/CF or SD card even if the game originally did not have the option of installing the game on to the internal HDD/CF/SD card. The vast majority of games have already been converted ready to go or you can create them yourself if you have the original game on a floppy disk/s. Also many great Amiga demos have been converted for WHDLoad. It's recommended that you have 2Mb Chip ram via the trapdoor which is available here which is the perfect compliment to the Amiga A600 8Mb fast ram card.   1 Year RTB Warranty.
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