Amiga ATX PSU Adaptor – A1000, A2000, A3000



Amiga ATX PSU Adaptor which can be used in an ATX tower case or inside an A1000, A1500, A2000, A3000 (Big Box) Amiga, this adapter provides the -5V and ‘Tick’ signal. For the A3000, the FAIL signal is available to use.

This is the highest rated power adapter available, it can safely handle the following power levels:
+5V @ 15A
+12V @ 8A
This yields a system power of 175W.

One DIP switch sets the power switch type, momentary (as used on ATX cases) or latching (as used on original power cases.  The other DIP switch sets the ‘Tick’ frequency.

PCB dimensions, 68x41mm

Does not include any ATX PSU.

Designed and built by Ian Stedman