Amiga ATX Adaptor - Big Box Amiga
Amiga ATX PSU Adaptor – A1000, A2000, A3000
PRODUCT DISCONTINUED   Amiga ATX PSU Adaptor which can be used in an ATX tower case or inside an A1000, A1500, A2000, A3000 (Big Box) Amiga, this adapter provides the -5V and ‘Tick’ signal. For the A3000, the FAIL signal is available to use. This is the highest rated power adapter available, it can safely handle the following power levels: +5V @ 15A +12V @ 8A This yields a system power of 175W. One DIP switch sets the power switch type, momentary (as used on ATX cases) or latching (as used on original power cases.  The other DIP switch sets the ‘Tick’ frequency. PCB dimensions, 68x41mm Does not include any ATX PSU. Designed and built by Ian Stedman    
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Amiga 2000 Gotek Drive
Amiga 2000 Gotek Drive, Printed Mount, OLED Display and FlashFloppy
Amiga 2000 Gotek drive is a great replacement for your failing Amiga 2000 floppy drive or you wish to simply replace it with a Gotek drive. These are plug and play and come pre flashed with FlashFloppy in that you simply remove your existing floppy drive and replace it with this unit (you use your existing bracket). 3 new screws will also be supplied to secure the Gotek drive to your Amiga. You will need a USB memory stick (NOT included) with your loaded ADF files but we offer an option for a pre-configured USB stick below.
What are ADF files?
ADF files is the standard Amiga Disk Format for floppy disk images. no different to Sega or Nintendo roms, ADF's are images of Amiga floppy disk games. Not only could you have access to a huge back catalogue of retro Amiga games, but there are still brand new games being released today, for example: Raid over Moscow or Bridge Strike these are all available as ADF files. But you not limited to games or programs, but you have access to tons of Amiga demos (if your into that scene).
What are gotek drives in detail? Read here What is FlashFloppy check out this link Want to know even more about them, checkout's review of them here Also checkout one of our favorite youtube streamers TheGebs24 and her views on the Gotek drive!
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TF536 A500, A500+ Amiga Accelerator
TF536 Accelerator for Amiga 500/2000
TF536 accelerator a perfect upgrade for any Amiga A500, 500+ or A2000. Included is a gold top Motorola 68030 CPU clocked at 50mhz, 64MB of RAM, and a 2.5" IDE connector for an CF HDD Card. Full specs:
  • MC68030RC50C Processor
  • 64MByte of fast-ram.
  • 44 Pin IDE connector
  • Includes A500/A500+ CPU relocator
  • Kickstart ROM 3.1, 3.1.4, 3.2 to boot from IDE (available as an option below).
What is TerribleFire?
Well it’s not what it’s who, and that person is Stephen Leary who has designed a whole host of accelerators and ram cards for the Amiga A500, A1200 and Amiga CD32. These include many but the most common ones are:
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Amiga 2000 Recapped
Amiga A2000 Recapping Service (Standard)
Amiga A2000 recapping service, all board revisions, NOTE this is NOT a repair service.
  • Check of the board before recapping is begun.
  • Removal of existing capacitors.
  • Cleanup and preparation of area.
  • Replace using Panasonic/Wurth/KEMET capacitors.
  • Retest (Video, Audio, Floppy Boot, SCSI (if HDD is present).
Want to know more about recapping, check out our FAQ's
Overseas recapping orders
Overseas orders are very welcome and we are able to provide you return shipping costs at the checkout. To do this add any of our recapping services to your shopping basket and then at the checkout simply fill in the billing and shipping form including your telephone and email address (important) and click the 'Request a quote' link. You will receive an email within 24hrs with the shipping cost and you can then proceed with the order by clicking on the 'Complete your order' within the email. There is no need to leave the checkout page open your web browser.    
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A2000 Replica Motherboard
Amiga 2000 Replica Motherboard FULLY BUILT
Amiga 2000 Replica Motherboard fully built with all custom chips including Buster with an option of an additional 1Mb Chip ram upgrade to take it to a total of 2Mb of chip ram which is perfect as a start for WHDLoad with a TF534 or TF536 Accelerator card. This board is a replica of the A2000 rev 6.2 motherboard reverse engineered by Floppy209. The unit was built from both new parts and recycled parts.
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Amiga A2000 ECS Reproduction Box
Amiga 2000 ECS Reproduction Box
Amiga 2000 ECS reproduction box - These are brand new and designed to be used as box art or to house your Amiga A2000, A2500, A2000UX or A2000HD. These are true reproductions of the original boxes created by used when the A2000 was shipped.
Key features:
  • Box is true to the original size and design.
  • Including "Innards" for positioning the Amiga A2000 computer and accessories.
  • Laminated outside / moisture repellent.
  • Will be delivered flat in a large envelope.

We also offer Amiga Reproduction boxes for the following: Commodore Amiga A1200 Commodore Amiga A600 Commodore Amiga A500 Commodore Amiga A500 Plus Commodore Amiga CD32   Please note: This is an Amiga A2000 ECS reproduction box and NOT AN ORIGINAL.
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