BFG9060 Amiga A4000 Accelerator Full 060 FPU

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BFG9060 is a new accelerator for the Amiga A4000, A3000, A3000T* and A4000T developed by Matthias Heinrichs. The card slots into the existing CPU slot on the Amiga motherboard and includes a full 68060 CPU running at 50Mhz with FPU and MMU.

  • 68060 running at 50 Mhz.
  • 128 MB of DMA Fast RAM.
  • Temperature and voltage monitoring via I²C.
  • Onboard 5V header to connect the optional CPU fan.


*A3000T is very picky and has not been tested, so if being used with an A3000T the card is sold as seen.

Installation guide here


For every BFG9060 sold we donate a percentage of the sale to Matthias Heinrichs to support further developments and we also support our builders.


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