Amiga 3000 inspired modular Amiga/PC Case – Kickstarter

The amiga community is alive and kicking but before looking to the future, lets take a walk down memory lane briefly. This new kickstarter is a modern take on the original Checkmate 1500 released in 1989, it was a desktop

Original Checkmate 1500 (1990)

upgrade for the Amiga 500 in which you would out the Amiga 500 mainboard inside the 1500 case. There was also a keyboard kit which you could put the 500 keyboard in a case and plug it in to the 1500, thus making it a big box Amiga.

Fast forward to 2018 and there is a new checkmate inspired case for the Amiga not only the Amiga 500 but the Amiga 600, Amiga 1200, Vampire v4, Amiga 1222, Raspberry Pi and if that is not enough it also support Micro ITX, ATX PC motherboards!

Checkout the campaign video and support this fantastic project!

Kickstart project link: