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PiStorm600 Adaptor for Amiga A600

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PiStorm600 for the Amiga A600 is an adaptor in which you plug in either a Raspberry Pi Model 3A+ or *Raspberry Pi Zero Model 2 (both not included) this provides a budget CPU accelerator for the Amiga 600. Also included is a file-based SCSI device, RTG graphics and several other optional enhancements.

Only the Pi 3-series is compatible with the current firmware version and only the Pi Model 3A+ and Raspberry Pi Zero Model 2 will physically fit in the A600 without modification and you can optionally support the PiStorm600 using M2.5 standoffs to help physically support it which are available as an option below.

Key Features
  • Emulate 68010,68020,68030,68040,68060 Processors with or without FPU
  • 128Mb Fastram.
  • File-based SCSI device.
  • RTG graphics from the Pi itself.

Powering the A600/PiStorm

It is possible if you have a weak PSU or the Amiga 600 has not been recapped you may see instability issues as with any accelerator, you have a few options all of which are available below, If your using a Pi Zero2 then it is unlikely you will need to apply additional power. A Pi 3A+ can consume more power, but this is not often an issue until you start connecting USB devices, you have a few options below:

  • You can add extra power via a floppy power connector splitter (available below) which is a new cable which splits the floppy power to power both your internal floppy drive and the PiStorm via its built in Molex connector (DO NOT ADD POWER OTHER THAN FROM THE AMIGA ITSELF OR TRY AND USE IT TO POWER OTHER DEVICES).
  • Make sure your Amiga has been recapped, we offer 2 options Standard and Premium.
  • Purchase a new Amiga PSU of which we also offer 2 versions, A600 Standard PSU or A600 Boost PSU which also as a 5VDC line adjustment to give a perfect 5 Volts to the Amiga 600.

We always suggest recapping in the first instance as tired caps can cause other issues like poor sound or prevent the Amiga booting up.




NOTE: PiStorm600 is a community project and will require some knowledge of the Amiga. Hardware which comes with a 1 year RTB warranty. hints and tips are available via the following Discord channel Also this product is still in BETA and while compatibility is very high, updates are always being released to increase compatibility with software and games.

We support developers by donating a percentage of sales, the PiStorm A600 adaptors are professionally manufactured and are RoHS compliant. This project was designed by Lemaru

*Using the Raspberry Pi Zero Model 2 is possible as mentioned but you do lose a little in performance.
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A630 Rev 3 Amiga 600 Accelerator
A630 Rev 3 Accelerator 68030 50Mhz inc FPU Amiga A600
A630 Rev 3 Accelerator for the Amiga 600 is the latest revision of the A630 modern turbo card with the classic 68030 Motorola processor running at 50Mhz and also includes an onboard FPU. Perfect for that sweet spot in speed and usefulness for Demos, WHDLoad* gaming, internet and so on. This will give any A600 a great speedboost in a compact unit. Full specs:
  • CPU MC68030, clocked on 50MHz.
  • FPU 68882FN40 - synchronous or asynchronous clocking.
  • 64MB SDRAM Fast Ram.
  • Cooling: Active included.
  • PCMCIA Friendly.
Important Information:
MMULib's for the A630 Accelerator
The A630 Accelerator requires the installation of MMULib's and it very important you use the right ones for the kickstart ROM you are using: 3.1 Kickstart: 3.2, 3.2.1 or 3.2.2   Install the MMULib package that came with the installation CD ONLY and NOT the ones from Aminet.  
  • Some demos or games may require disable "CPU CACHE" for better compatibility with the MC68000.
  • The card is designed to work with 3.1 Roms and above including 3.2 and 3.2.1 of which can be  purchased below.
  • An internal HDD/CF/SD Card needs to be installed for the A630 to boot.
  • PCB Colour will vary.
  *2Mb Chip ram is strongly recommended for WHDLoad which is available here    
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Amiga A600 PiggyBackNot V3 RGB2HDMI
Amiga A600 PiggyBackNot RGB2HDMI 1Mb Expansion
Amiga A600 PiggyBackNot V3 is an Amiga 600 trapdoor expansion that adds 1Mb Chip Ram and also integrates a RGB2HDMI circuit that then allows you to add a Raspberry Pi Zero (not included). The benefit of this upgrade is that it allows you to add a selection of upgrades that plug over the 68000 CPU, for example the 8Mb Mini Fast Ram card the xT 28Mhz, 11Mb Accelerator or the awesome A630 68030, 64Mb accelerator. So you can have HDMI output and the extra fast ram or accelerator in a very tidy package. Specifications:
  • 1MB additional CHIP RAM
  • Implemented RGB2HDMI logics in small CPLD
  • RPI Zero connector
  • Integrated denise adapter on flex ffc cable.
  • RTC Socket (Add a Real Time Clock Chip
  • 3 x Clockports
  • Flexible mHDMI to HDMI FFC cable included!
  • Slim construction, No need to remove the trapdoor cover or replace with one that allows the expansion
  • Module does not interfere with fast ram cards or accelerator cards.
Not included:
  • Raspberry Pi
  • SD Card
  • 3D Printed HDMI Mount
    1 Year RTB Warranty.   A600 PiggyBackNot PCB Colour will vary, Raspberry Pi Zero NOT included.    
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