Refurbished Atari Falcon 030 Computer

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Refurbished Atari Falcon 030

Technical Specifications

  • Motorola 68030 (16Mhz) CPU
  • 4Mb Ram
  • 3.5″ 1.44mb Floppy Drive
  • UK Layout Keyboard


Optional fixes/upgrades – Contact us for a quote:

  • NVRAM/RTC replacement module installed
  • Clock patch module
  • 14Mb Ram upgrade


What’s included?

  • Professionally refurbished Atari Falcon inc Power lead (power cable will have correct plug depending on where its being sent).
  • Recapped both motherboard and PSU.


What is Refurbished?

The Atari Falcon mainboard has been professionally recapped deep cleaned using a Ultrasonic cleaner, bathed using deionised water and professional grade PCB/Flux cleaning solution. Once completed it is dried and a full diagnostic test is completed. Each unit is thoroughly inspected and tested including:

  • Full Keyboard check.
  • Floppy drive read and write test.
  • Sound checked.
  • Video checked.
  • Case and keyboard is stripped and cleaned.



Worldwide shipping available simply contact us for a shipping quote. 


Images of the Atari Falcon for illustrative purposes only, each unit will show signs of age and use. Please contact us for photos of the units we currently have




Contact us as we can source units if required.

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