Tsunami 1230 Amiga 1200 Accelerator

Tsunami 1230 Amiga 1200 Accelerator which hosts a 68030 processor running at 42Mhz coupled with 64mb of fast ram, some say this is the spiritual successor to the classic Blizzard IV 68030 accelerator. The Tsunami 1230 is a brand new accelerator using modern 60EC030 CPU and modern ram.

This card is a perfect add-on for the Amiga A1200 and is the sweet spot between cost and speed. And is the next step up after the 11Mb Ex1T Fast Ram add-on we sell for those that want that extra speed.


Full specs:

  • 68EC030 QFP CPU at 42MHZ.
  • 64MByte of fast-ram.
  • 68882 FPU footprint ready and also selectable clock for overclocking the FPU.
  • External expansion port for future upgrades (secret stuff, can’t tell) 🙂
  • Clockport port (RTC only).
  • Compatible with any A1200 motherboard revision.
  • Fits in your old/new stock A1200 case!!!
  • A1100 friendly of course!


Register your interest below, price is on arrival. More details will follow as and when.


Here is a video comparing it to the Blizzard 1230 Mk4




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