Amiga 1200 Vampire Case Badge
Amiga A1200 Case Badge – Vampire
Amiga A1200 Case Badge - Vampire perfect replacement for any A1200 case or for the new A1200 cases. These are high quality prints finished off in a 3D gel, long lasting and look very smart! Smarten up your Amiga 1200 case!
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11Mb Ex1T A1200 Ram Expansion
Amiga A1200 Memory Expansion 11Mb
Amiga A1200 Memory Expansion 11Mb expansion card upgrades your Amiga A1200 to have 11Mb of additional ram which is perfect for WHDLoad or just want a little boost! The Ex1T card is installed on the expansion port accessible through the trapdoor located under the Amiga 1200. Once in place your Amiga will be 2/3 times faster than the original base model, thanks to the modern memory being used. The card can also be configured by a jumper or software with the following configurations:
  • 5.5MB will be always available,
  • Additional 4MB which can be activated / deactivated via switch or software (Not PCMCIA compatible),
  • Additional 1.5MB software activated (Compatible with Amiga OS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 but not compatible with Amiga OS 3.1.4 due to a bug)
  In addition you can add a RTC chip (available as an option) and a coin battery to provide you an RTC for your Amiga 1200. This card is CE / RoHS Complient
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Amiga 1200 Badge - TF1260 Silver
Amiga 1200 Case Badge – TF1260 Silver
Brand new Amiga 1200 perfect replacement for any A1200 case or for the new A1200 cases. These are high quality prints finished off in a 3D gel, long lasting and look very smart! Smarten up your Amiga 1200 case!
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TF1260 TerribleFire A1200 Accelerator
TF1260 TerribleFire A1200 Accelerator – NO CPU
TF1260 TerribleFire Amiga 1200 Accelerator which hosts 128Mb Fast Ram, IDE connector (DOES NOT INCLUDE 68060 PROCESSOR). The TF1260 is one of the best 060 accelerators you can purchase for the Amiga 1200 And is the next step up after the TF1230 A1200 Accelerator add-on we sell for those that want that large speed jump. Full specs:
  • 128MByte of fast-ram.
  • IDE Interface - Driver required - ehide.device
  • Compatible with any A1200 motherboard revision.
  • Fits in your old/new stock A1200 case!!!
  • Just add your choice of 68060 processor!
  Processor support: The TF1260 TerribleFire supports all genuine 68060 processors including:
  • MC68060RC50 or XC68060RC50 (Complete with MMU & FPU)
  • MC68LC060RC50 or XC68LC060RC50 (MMU No FPU)
  • MC68EC060RC50 or XC68EC060RC50 (No MMU or FPU)
We don't currently offer any processors but may do in the near future. The primary issue is down to there being a number of fake CPU's in the wild especially 68060 with MMU & FPU  (MC68060RC50 or XC68060RC50). Many may have had their original markings removed and reprinted. We don't offer any support for non genuine processors being used or can we advise. Only purchase this card if you know you have a genuine 68060 processor, The low end versions that have no MMU or FPU are more often genuine.   Prerequisites 
  • Timing fix is strongly recommended on your A1200 motherboard. We can do this free of charge if you send your board to us (return shipping does need to be covered).
  • Kickstart ROM 3.1, 3.1.4, 3.2, 3.x or 3.9 (not compatible with 3.0).
  What is Terriblefire? Well it's not what it's who, and that person is Stephen Leary who has designed a whole host of accelerators and ram cards for the Amiga A500, A1200 and Amiga CD32. These include many but the most common ones are:
  • TF328 - 8Mb Fast Ram board and IDE socket for the Amiga CD32
  • TF330 - 68030 Processor, 64Mb Fast Ram and IDE socket for the Amiga CD32
  • TF536 - 68030 Processor, 64Mb Ram and IDE interface for the Amiga A500 and A500 Plus
  • TF360 - 68060 Processor other specs TBC for the Amiga CD32
  • TF1260 - 68060 Processor, 128Mb Ram and IDE Interface for the Amiga 1200
  • TF1230 - 68030 Processor 64Mb Ram and IDE interface for the Amiga 1200
  • TF4060 - 68060 Processor 128Mb Ram for the Amiga 4000
  • TF1200 - Buffee Adaptor + 5.5Mb/8Mb (you will need the new Buffee Processor
  • For every TF1260 sold we donate a percentage of the sale to Stephen Leary to support further TF card developments and we also support our builders.
  • Timing fix is recommended on your A1200 motherboard. We can do this free of charge if you send your board to us (return shipping does need to be covered).
  • You are purchasing a populated TF1260 board only, No processor is included!
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Amiga PSU Boost A500 - A500 Plus
Commodore Amiga PSU for A1200 (BOOST VERSION)
Commodore Amiga PSU for A1200 BOOST VERSION, up to 8A at 5VDC strong, adjustable PSU for regular and accelerated Commodore Amiga A500, A500+, A600, A1200. The new Amiga PSU BOOST is a modern, 50W strong replacement power supply unit for Commodore Amiga computer systems. Based on our famous Amiga DUO/DUO+ PSU experiences provides stable, filtered, adjustable 5VDC (up to 8.0A), 12VDC (up to 0.5A) and -12VDC (up to 0.15A) by industrial grade components. Now your Vampire, Blizzard, ACA or Furia accelerator will get enough juice to work flawlessly with full MHz clocks. Factory trimmed for stock Amiga 500 reference load, may be adjusted to give exact 5VDC with 2-3x heavier loads.
Key features:
  • Commodore Amiga 500, 500+, 600, 1200 compatible
  • Stabilized & filtered 5VDC up to 8A output (peak)
  • Stabilized & filtered 12VDC up to 0.5A output
  • Stabilized & filtered -12VDC up to 0.15A output
  • 5VDC manual adjustment feature (potentiometer)
  • Factory calibrated for stock Amiga 500 reference load
  • Active & passive over voltage protections for main +5VDC line
  • Over current protection for all output lines
  • Integrates Protection & Adjustment LED Module add-on
  • Fully isolated & fused on AC side
  • Durable power On/Off switch (black)
  • Status LED (Good Status Green)
  • Long output cable (1.8m) with rectangular DIN 5-pin plug
  • Detachable input AC cable for all versions (cable included)
  • Weight only 0.4 KG (2x less than original PSU)
  • UK Stock
Warning! Risk of electrical shock and energy hazard when opened. All failures should be examined by a qualified technicians only. Risk of fire or electrical shock. The ventilation holes should be protected from foreign objects or dripping liquids. Please do not install power supplies in places with high ambient temperature or close to the heat source. Enclosed power supplies are intent to work in indoor locations, it's not allowed to use power supplies outdoor, in dust or high moisture. Output current and output wattage must not exceed the rated values. This replacement Amiga PSU has been designed for Commodore Amiga 1200 vintage computer systems only and should be considered as an integral component of Amiga computer system. Do not connect to any other devices as it's not a general purpose PSU. Manufacturer is not responsible for any consequences of unauthorised or arbitrary repairs, modifications or incorrect usage. Please notice that new, properly working replacement Amiga PSU is reducing the system's potential fail rate but still is not guaranteeing that entire Amiga system will work correctly (it's >30 years old).  
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AmigaOS 3.1.4 / 3.2 Amiga A1200 / A3000 / A4000
AmigaOS 3.1.4 ROM Burning Service for Amiga A1200
AmigaOS 3.1.4 ROM Burning Service for Amiga A1200, within this service we will burn the Kickstart ROM files to 2 x physical kickstart ROMs both HI and LO which can be installed in your real Amiga 1200.
What you will receive:
  • Physical 3.1.4 Kickstart HI ROM
  • Physical 3.1.4 Kickstart LO ROM
NOTE NO License is included for AmigaOS 3.1.4 or 6x floppy ADF files are included, this is purley a burning service, However we are able to supply AmigaOS 3.1.4 inc Kickstart ROM and AmigaOS ADF disks here
The Process:
This service requires proof of your purchase of the digital version of AmigaOS 3.1.4 (for example screenshot of your purchase from the Hyperion website). Please note ONLY customers who already bought digital version of AmigaOS 3.1.4 can purchase this service. If the buyer is unable to provide proof of the purchase from the Hyperion website the transaction will be cancelled and funds will be refunded minus any processing fees (if Paypal was used to purchase this service).
Providing Proof:
We have provided a very easy way to upload proof of ownership below, simply upload a screenshot of confirmation of the order from the Hyperion website or a screenshot of the confirmation email using the upload tool below. If your purchasing more than one set of ROMS, you will need a licence per ROM set.
We are proud to be an official Hyperion reseller.  
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Amiga 1200 Case Badge - TF1260 Black
TF1260 Case Badge (Black)
TF1260 case badge (Black) brand new, perfect replacement for any A1200 case or for the new A1200 cases. Show off you have the TF1260 accelerator in your A1200 These are high quality prints finished off in a 3D gel, long lasting and look very smart! Smarten up your Amiga 1200 case!
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Amiga 1200 Case Translucent A1200.NET
Amiga 1200 Case Brand New Translucent
Amiga 1200 Case Brand New Translucent from What's included?
  • Top case including enhancements
  • Bottom case including enhancements
  • Enhanced bottom trapdoor with extra vents.
  • Enhanced rear trapdoor + extra plastic holder DVI / VGA shaped hole.
  • Rubber feet
  • Set of screws
How are these brand new?
In 2016 840 Amiga users made it possible in supporting a Kickstarter to reproduce the Amiga 12000 case lead by Philippe Lang, the new A1200 cases are made using Injection Molding manufacturing technique to produce top and bottom shells as well as trapdoors and parts. The process implies the use of 3 new moulds, the first one is for the top shell, second mould for the bottom shell and last one for trapdoors and parts, all produced using brand new moulds.
Enhancements galore:
The Amiga community has never died and some have produced some great add-ons over the years to make sure the Amiga is still relevant and useful today as it was back in the 80's/early 90s and these cases take full advantage of that weather that's simply transferring your existing motherboard from your existing Amiga 1200 or have a luxury of installing a MiST FPGA Board. Below are few more enhancements: [accordion] [pane title="External CF Adaptor" start=open] A CF slot can be open up on the side of the A1200 case to allow easy access to what would be the CF card within the A1200 itself. [/pane] [pane title="MiST FPGA Board"] MiST is a FPGA based modern board that implements classic 16bit computers like the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and 8bit systems like the Commodore 64, ZX-Spectrum, MSX, Atari XL/VCS, Apple II, Colecovision, Sega Master System, NES, SNES as well as Arcade machines. The primary difference between the MiST is that its NOT emulation. The new A1200 case has mounts to mount the MiST FPGA within the A1200 case. [/pane] [pane title="Raspberry PI"] Yes you can mount a Raspberry PI 2/3 within the new A1200 case with the use of the mounts already part of the case for a nice clean solution. [/pane] [pane title="Keyrah V2"] [caption id="attachment_18644" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Keyrah V2 Keyrah V2 for the Amiga 1200/600, C64, VIC 20 and C16[/caption] Keyrah V2 is an IO adaptor that allows you to use the original keyboards of the Commodore Amiga 600 and 1200, Commodore 64, VIC-20 and C-16 within their respective cases. The purpose of this you can then install a Raspberry PI which uses the original keyboard of that computer and providing 2 x D9 ports. The new Amiga 1200 case has mounts are located at middle top of bottom shell. This location make the keyboard adapter available for Raspberry Pi or MiST board. Original Amiga 1200 keyboard ribbon will fit nicely just at the right place on the keyboard adapter board. I/O connectors are accessible through rear panel I/O slots. [/pane] [/accordion]   So what are the differences between the original Commodore case and the New A1200 case?
  • The plastic is 100% UV proof to avoid case turning yellow over time.
  • Screw brass inserts in all 6 new screw towers for smooth operations. No more broken plastic clips!
  • Bottom trapdoor offers better cooling with extra vents and 3x rear trapdoors are available: Plain door, VGA hole, DVI hole, perfect for the Re-Amiga
  • Supports for: Raspberry Pi©, MiST© FPGA, Keyrah© V2 keyboard adapter, RapidRoad© DoubleUSB  and Lotharek© HxC Floppy emulator
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Amiga 600/1200 Gotek (FlashFloppy) with Printed Mount, 3 Digit
Amiga 600/1200 Gotek (FlashFloppy) with Printed Mount, 3 Digit
These units are a great replacement for your failing Amiga 1200 or Amiga 600 floppy drive or you wish to simply replace it with a Gotek drive. These are plug and play in that you simply remove your existing Amiga 1200/600 floppy drive and replace it with this unit (you use your existing bracket). 3 new screws will also be supplied to secure it to the Amiga 1200/600. You will need a USB memory stick (NOT included) with your loaded ADF files.  
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Bifrost A1200 Heimdall Edition
BIFROST A1200 Heimdall Edition LED Replacement
Bifrost A1200 Heimdall Edition board is a direct keyboard LED replacement board for your Amiga 1200 computer. It uses some of the latest cutting edge technology to bring you an updated, fully feature packed and highly customisable cosmetic experience for your beloved retro computer, available literally at your fingertips. Customize the POWER-, FLOPPY- and HARDDRIVE LEDs to any colours and brightness of your choice using the LEDs themselves as programming buttons. You can also choose from pulsating effects as well as colour cycling effects. Each channel comes with three LEDs and all LEDs are individually programmable. All in all you will find that the A1200 Bifrost, can deliver over 150 million colour and brightness combinations to EACH channel making the Bifrost a great choice for putting that personal touch to your Amiga machine. The Bifrost also supports PCMCIA signal and/or up to three custom devices on separate input channels, utilizing a secondary indicator layer on each of the LED rows. Furthermore, it supports the new CAPS LOCK Bifrost module not allowing for any original lights to escape user customization. Below are a couple of videos demonstrating what you can achieve:  
A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition - Demo
[kad_youtube url="" ]    
BIFROST A1200 Heimdall Edition - Advanced Mixing
[kad_youtube url="" ]   These units will fit any Amiga 1200 case including the A1200.NET cases we sell. Full manual on fitting and setting up is available here   Photo credits: Conny Larsson  - Product image Johnnathan Taylor  
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Amiga 1200 Reproduction box - Brand New
Amiga 1200 Reproduction Box Brand New
Amiga 1200 reproduction box, these are brand new and designed to be used as box art or to house your Amiga A1200. These are true reproductions of the original boxes created by used when the Amiga 1200 was shipped.
Key features:
  • Box is true to the original size and design.
  • Including "Innards" for positioning the Amiga A1200 computer and accessories.
  • Laminated outside / moisture repellent.
  • Will be delivered flat in a large envelope.

We also offer Amiga Reproduction boxes for the following: Commodore Amiga A1200 Commodore Amiga A600 Commodore Amiga A500 Commodore Amiga A500 Plus Commodore Amiga CD32   Please note: This is an Amiga 1200 reproduction box and NOT AN ORIGINAL.
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Amiga A1200 Case Badge
Amiga A1200 Case Badge – Silver 3D Gel
Brand new Amiga 1200 perfect replacement for any A1200 case or for the new A1200 cases. These are high quality prints finished off in a 3D gel, long lasting and look very smart! Smarten up your Amiga 1200 case!
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