MC68060RC50 REV 6 CPU Processor Amiga
MC68060RC50 REV 6 Genuine 68060 FPU/MMU CPU
MC68060RC50 REV 6 Genuine 68060 50Mhz processor with FPU and MMU. Perfect for any Amiga A1200 or A4000 accelerator including the TF1260 and BFG9060 for the A4000. When installing the processor in your Amiga, you will need to add the MMUlibs for 3.1 or the CPU library files if you have AmigaOS 3.2.   What's included: 1 x MC68060RC50 REV6 CPU   Video showing the CPU you will receive will be shared and WhichAmiga program will be used to confirm its revision.
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