Atari External PSU 520ST 260ST
Atari ST PSU for Atari 520ST & 260ST
Atari ST PSU is a 50W strong, modern replacement power supply unit for Atari 520ST and 260ST computer systems using external power supply. PSU provides stable filtered 5VDC up to 4.0A, 12VDC up to 2.0A and -12VDC up to 0.5A. All by industrial grade AC/DC power supply. Carefully trimmed to offer best performance. The best and most affordable basic Atari ST external PSU replacement on the market. Can be upgraded to adjustable version offering 5VDC voltage fine tuning to set exact 5VDC for your particular system. The one and only absolute industry standard using the Mean-Well's RPT-60B as a base component.
Key features:
  • ATARI 520ST, 520ST+, 260ST, 260ST+ compatible
  • Stabilized & filtered 5VDC up to 4A output (4.4A peak)
  • Stabilized & filtered 12VDC up to 2A output (2.2A peak)
  • Stabilized & filtered -12VDC up to 0.5A output (0.55A peak)
  • Active & passive over voltage protection for main +5VDC line
  • Over current protection for all output lines
  • Fully isolated & fused on AC side
  • Power On/Off switch
  • Long output cable (1.8m) with round DIN 7-pin female plug
  • Detachable input AC cable for all versions
  • Weight only 0.4 KG (2x less than original Atari ST PSU)
  • Runs COLD!
  • Safety standards: UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, TUV EN60601-1, IEC60601-1
  • UK Stock
Warning! Risk of electrical shock and energy hazard when opened. All failures should be examined by a qualified technicians only. Risk of fire or electrical shock. The ventilation holes should be protected from foreign objects or dripping liquids. Please do not install power supplies in places with high ambient temperature or close to the heat source. Enclosed power supplies are intent to work in indoor locations, it's not allowed to use power supplies outdoor, in dust or high moisture. Output current and output wattage must not exceed the rated values.  
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