Sega Dream Cast Recapping Service
Sega Dreamcast Recapping Service
Sega Dreamcast recapping service which is an extensive service for your Dreamcast which includes:
  • Mainboard recapped
  • CD Drive unit recapped
  • Power Supply (PSU) recapped
We can also offer the GDEMU Optical Drive is a memory card based replacement for the optical drive for Dreamcast VA1 versions we can also offer controller port, battery replacments if required.   The service includes:
  • Testing of Sega Dreamcast Unit
  • Removal of through hole and SMD Capacitors from mainboard, PSU and optical drive
  • Any leakage cleaned up and prepped.
  • Replacement Electrolytic capacitors like for like
  • Final testing
  Note this is not a repair service, Sega Dreamcast recapping service is a good preventative measure.
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