FM Towns Marty
FM Towns Marty Recapping Service
FM Towns Marty Recapping Service is where we replace all the electrolytic capacitors on the mainboard, PSU (both Tamura and Eastern PSU's are covered) and CD Drive. We would need the entire console and controller to be sent. We can also offer just the mainboard, PSU or CD Drive if needed, please by all means contact us. What's included:
  • Testing Video, Audio and CD Drive.
  • Full strip down of the unit.
  • Removal of all electrolytic capacitors on the Mainboard, PSU and CD Drive - Approx 53 capacitors.
  • Cleanup any capacitor leakage.
  • Replace with tier one brands of capacitors.
  • Test video, audio and CD Drive.
  • Reassemble and retest.
  We are able to recap both models.   Note: This is not a repair service  
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