Atari Lynx Recapping Service
Atari Lynx Recapping Service MK 1 or MK 2
Atari Lynx recapping service for either the Atari Lynx MK 1 or Atari Lynx MK 2 (AKA Atari Lynx 2). Recapping service includes replacing all electrolytic capacitors of which there are approx 20 depending on the version. Note this is not a repair service.
Overseas recapping orders
Overseas orders are very welcome and we are able to provide you return shipping costs at the checkout. To do this add any of our recapping services to your shopping basket and then at the checkout simply fill in the billing and shipping form including your telephone and email address (important) and click the 'Request a quote' link. You will receive an email within 24hrs with the shipping cost and you can then proceed with the order by clicking on the 'Complete your order' within the email. There is no need to leave the checkout page open your web browser.    
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Atari Lynx Replacement Screen using a new IPS screen for bright and vibrant colours.
Atari Lynx Replacement Screen Upgrade Service (all versions)
Atari Lynx replacement screen  upgrade service which covers both Atari Lynx MK I and Atari Lynx MK II. We will supply and fit a modern solution called CleanScreen which uses an IPS screen and provides a vibrant clean image and also uses less power! CleanScreen also provides the user options via a key combination:
  • Pixel Grids
  • Colour Modes
  • VGA Out (contact us for this mod to be added)
  What's included:
  • CleanScreen Board
  • CleanScreen LCD Ribbon
  • CleanScreen Button Ribbon
  • Atari Lynx IPS Screen
  • CleanScreen LCD Bracket
  • Full installation and testing
We can also offer a recapping service for both Atari Lynx MK I and MKII      
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