PC Engine DUO Recapping Servic
PC Engine DUO Recapping Service (Standard)
PC Engine Duo (NEC) recapping service recapping service (Standard), all board revisions, all electrolytic capacitors are replaced. The NEC PC Engine DUO mainboard is recapped using high quality capacitors. NOTE this is NOT a repair service, the PC Engine DUO needs to be in working order, this is preventative maintenance. What's included:
  • Test before hand
  • Disassemble unit.
  • Removal of existing capacitors.
  • Clean-up and preparation of the capacitor areas.
  • Replace all surface mount capacitors.
  • Replace through hole electrolytic capacitors.
  • Test out of the shell.
  • Reassemble and final testing.
For this service the whole unit will need to be sent inc controller (not PSU).
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