SNES Recapping Service
Super Nintendo (SNES) Recapping Service
Super Nintendo (SNES) Recapping Service inc all board revisions. This service is a maintenance service and not a repair service however recapping will extend the life of the SNES.
  The service includes:
  • Testing of the SNES
  • Removal of through hole capacitors.
  • Any leakage cleaned up and prepped.
  • Replacement Electrolytic capacitors soldered in place
  • Final testing and video taken of unit working.
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SNES Modding Service Region Free 50/60hz
SNES Region Free, Switchless, DeJitter 50/60hz Modding Service
SNES region free, switchless, deJitter DFO modding service. Free your Super Nintendo or Super Famicom from being locked to one region with this modification. Play any region Super Nintendo or Super Famicom PAL or NTSC and play it how it was meant to be played. What does the modification do?
  • Works with all revisions of SNES or Super Famicom games console.
  • SuperCIC: Lockout chip replacement 50Hz/60Hz switch capability.
  • uIGR - Use the controller to perform resets or 60Hz and 50Hz switching.
  • Region Patch: Overrides region protection based on picture processing status reads.
  • DeJitter: Removes jitter on sync for NTSC mode.
  • DFO: Dual Frequency Oscillator, used to switch between base clocks for 50Hz, 60Hz video-modes.
  • Premium ENIG (gold immersion) finish.
  Full Details: SuperCIC By holding down the reset button on the console this will switch between 50Hz (green LED), 60Hz (red LED) or Auto-Region (yellow LED). If you have a SD2SNES you are able to pair the SuperCIC with the flash card. With this you are able to switch between 60Hz and 50Hz mode. However, you need to have the uIGR, which is master for the region setting, in SuperCIC pass through mode. uIGR The uIGR looks at the controller inputs directly and is then able to detect certain button combinations. All button combinations are highlighted below: Region forcing:
  • 60Hz: L + R + Select + A
  • 50Hz: L + R + Select + Y
  • Auto: L + R + Select + B
  • S-CIC pass through: L + R + Select + D-pad left OR L + R + Select + D-pad right
  • Simple reset: L + R + Select + Start
  • Double reset (back to main menu of sd2snes): L + R + Select + X
  Region Patch Overwrites region if game request register $213F, where bit 4 represents the region. You also have to consider switching off the region patch if using non-original cartridges or flash cards (sd2snes with Pairmode with SuperCIC is not a problem). DeJitter While in NTSC mode the SNES outputs a shorter scanline in non-visible area. This might be an issue for certain TVs if you use pure analog to digital conversion without frame buffer like the OSSC does. DeJitter ‘removes’ this shorter line by pausing the clock for a few cycles. As drawback this mechanic varies output timing a bit, however the inaccuracy is neglectable when comparing it to clock variations throughout different consoles. At the moment, DeJitter is enabled by default and can only be disabled by setting jumper SJ31. DFO Short for Dual Frequency Oscillator. Actually in combination with the CPLD this allows to switch between three output clocks plus two colour carrier clocks.   The service includes:
  • Testing of the SNES or Super  Famicom beforehand
  • Full strip down of the console
  • Full Installation of the SNES MultiRegion with DeJitter QID modification
  • Testing using PAL and JAP (NTSC) gaming cartridges
  • Final testing and video taken of unit working and switching.
We can also offer a full recapping service and regulator upgrade.    
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