Yes we are open…. Jan 21 Update

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During these unprecedented times we are still open during the latest UK lockdown as we are an online business and still returning and accepting recapping work and minor repairs as normal. We have access to multiple couriers will switch to a collection service. Supply of capacitors and other passive components are unaffected.

We suggest using when you send your board to us as if your in the UK, (Overseas there will be equivalent collection services available) Parcel2go offer a range of collection services right from your door, this is perfect if your local shop does not have a Post Office in store.

As for some add-on’s many components for these are in quarantine due to the lockdown in other countries so many items are only avilable on backorder, or you can be notified when stock is avilable again.

Let not forget also the people on the frontline risking their lives in making sure patients are cared for!

Keep safe, well, stay at home and keep gaming!


New name same Passion!

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RetroPassion is our new company name to better reflect what services we offer. We always get requests of recapping other makes like Atari, Sega, Nintendo Sinclair Spectrum to name a few of which we have done many. Now is the time to re-brand and expand the services we offer in a more official way.

What about Amiga?

That is and will always be our primary focus, that’s where it all began and we will still be offering recapping, add-on’s and other services to the Amiga community!!

Like our new logo??

RetroPassion Ltd Logo

So update your bookmarks and share with your friends, and we look forward to servicing many other brands of computers and consoles!

Thank you!!

PiStorm32-Lite A1200 Available

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You have been asking and what a great start to 2023! Pistorm32-Lite are now available in 2 flavours, 1 is for those you like to have a tinker and setup it up from scratch and the other is a complete PiStorm32-Lite bundle that you simply plug in to the expansion port of the A1200 and add a few files to an SD card (workbench and a kickstart rom). full details below!

Pistorm32-Lite Amiga A1200 Adaptor only

Pistorm32-Lite Amiga A1200 Bundle Includes Adaptor, RPi 3A+ and 32Gb SD Card (EMU68k)

Pistorm32-Lite Amiga A1200 CM4 Bundle with breakout for HDMI, USB and SD Card

PiStorm32-Lite CM4 Module Bundle
Pistorm32-Lite Bundle with CM4 Module

Have fun!

BFG9060 Installation Guide

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Installation of the BFG9060:


Simply swap over your current CPU card (3630, Cyberstorm) and replace with the BFG9060.

Amiga Mainboard Jumpers

It is very important for the motherboard jumpers to be set correctly as per the tables below depending on what Amiga you have.

Amiga 4000D and A4000T

1-2 (INT)1-2 (INT)

Amiga 3000D, A3000T and Replicas

1-2 (25 MHz)2-3 (INT)3-4 (ON)1-2 (INT)

BFG9060 Jumpers

JP1 determines the clock frequency the card is working at. There are two jumpers, S0 and S1 (see image below), each consists of 3 pins 0, M, & 1.

Both jumpers can have 3 different jumper settings

  • 0-M
  • M-1
  • Open (no jumper attached)

The following table shows how JP1 has to be set for the supported effective CPU frequencies.
Note that the the frequencies differ between 68060 and 68040 CPUs. The 68040 divides the set frequency by 2 internally, thus the effective frequency is always half that of the 68060 with the same setting of JP1.

68060 CPUS0S1Notes
25 MHz0-MM-1Fast RAM will not be usable
75 MHzM-1Open68060 REV6 required
100 MHzM-10-M68060 REV6 required with heatsink and fan!


To get the best performance, you will have to install the (mmu.library) available from And add the following line to the MMU-Configuration found in ENVARC:MMU-configuration:

SetCacheMode from 0x08000000 size 0x08000000 Valid CopyBack

Caching of Z3 is now enabled:

RAM-Cards, like BigRam or the Z3-Fastlane could not be cached and lost a lot of performance. You can enable caching for them via mmu.library now. If you have Z3-IO cards you want to disable caching.

MMU-library configuration would look like this:

Enable caching: For SetCacheMode {base} {size} Valid CopyBack

Disable caching: For SetCacheMode {base} {size} CacheInhibit NonSerial Imprecise

A working MMU configuration is available for download here