Generic Gotek Drives Available

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Amiga Gotek Drive inc Amstrad, Spectrum, Atari, IBM PC

Commodore Amiga (inc Amstrad CPC computers*, Sinclair Spectrum*, Atari and DOS / IBM PC’s*) Gotek Drive pre-flashed with FlashFloppy (Generic) now in stock, these units can be upgraded to add the following:

  • OLED Display
  • Speaker
  • Rotary Encoder
  • 4Gb USB Stick

Configure your one here:

*Amstrad / Spectrum or computers with 3″ disk drives or old PCs with 5.25″ drives and such you will need the correct floppy IDE or Ribbon connection cables NOT INCLUDED. We accept no liability for installing or using these devices. Voucher Scheme

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We are proud to be a partner of who brought you brand new Amiga 1200 and 500 cases and also brand new keycaps. So we are excited to make available some of our services and products at a discounted rate for those of you who backed these awesome cases and keycaps.

All you need to do is log on to the RMI portal via the website RMI.v2 Keycaps portal to see our offers.

These offers are only available to those that backed the Kickstarter for the Amiga 1200 cases or Indiegogo Amiga Keycaps crowdfunding. Just a little thank you for making these happen!

Amiga A500 (Plus) Composite & S-Video Upgrade

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We now can upgrade your Amiga A500 or Amiga A500 Plus to output both Composite and S-Video by adding a extra module to your Amiga.

Amiga 500 Composite S-Video Modification
Amiga 500 Composite S-Video Modification

This service can be added to our Amiga A500 and Amiga A500 Plus recapping services as an option (we would need to entire bottom half of the Amiga if you want the PCB board to be modded also as above). Or we can just complete this modification itself of which more information for the service is below:

Amiga A500 Composite/S-Video Output Module

Amiga A500 Plus Composite/S-Video Output Module