Ramixx500 A500 Plus
Amiga 500 Plus Mainboard Remake Ramixx500 Fully Built
Amiga 500 Plus mainboard remake AKA Ramixx500 is a motherboard clone of the classic A500 Plus REV 8.1A made by SukkoPera and not to be confused with the A500 ++ (A500 Plus Plus). The Ramixx500 is a good alternative to replace your existing broken A500 Plus board using your custom chips or one that is plug and play and soaked tested. The Ramixx500 board has had a few improvements added compared to the original A500 Plus board:
  • Kickstart Switches - You can burn your Eproms and have 2 different kickstarts and use the jumpers or add switches to switch between kickstarts
  • DF0 Switch - Again becoming a must for Amiga owners to have both a internal Gotek and external drive or vice-versa, best of both worlds!
  This is a fully built A500 Plus Ramixx500 board with all the custom chips and is plug and play, simply add your own kickstart rom or add one of the options below.   What's included?
  • Ramixx500 fully populated motherboard
  What's not included?
  • Both bottom and top shield
  • Kickstart Rom
  • Screws/Hex Screws
  33% deposit required - Rest on completion.  
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