Commodore Amiga A3640 CPU Card
A3640 Accelerator Recapping Service
A3640 accelerator recapping service, all board revisions. NOTE this is NOT a repair service.
  • Check of the board before recapping is begun.
  • Removal of existing capacitors.
  • Clean-up and preparation of area.
  • Replace using Panasonic capacitors and correcting polarity of 3 capacitors.
  • Retest
Overseas recapping orders
Overseas orders are very welcome and we are able to provide you return shipping costs at the checkout. To do this add any of our recapping services to your shopping basket and then at the checkout simply fill in the billing and shipping form including your telephone and email address (important) and click the 'Request a quote' link. You will receive an email within 24hrs with the shipping cost and you can then proceed with the order by clicking on the 'Complete your order' within the email. There is no need to leave the checkout page open your web browser.  
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Refurbished Amiga A3000 Computer
Amiga A3000 Refurbished with Keyboard and Mouse
Amiga A3000 refurbished with original keyboard and mouse (pregnant version) This is an early model with Super-Kickstart. In working order and has been recapped and tested: Specs:
  • 68030 16Mhz Processor
  • 68882 FPU 16Mhz
  • 2Mb Chip Ram
  • 4Mb Fast Ram
  • Super-kickstart 1.4
  • US PSU (will include step down transformer)
  • Original Super Kickstart Floppy disk
  • Includes Workbench 1.3 and 2.04 disks
Due to the fragile nature, shipping is possible for the base unit, keyboard and mouse. However in person delivery is possible and happy to meet halfway within the UK for a charge If within the South East of the UK we can deliver to your door or collect from us (Birchington, Kent) Overseas shipping is also possible.   Please contact us if you have any questions,   Battery are has been cleaned up, photo taken before clean up.   Photo will be updated soon. MONITOR NOT INCLUDED.  
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