Sega Triple Bypass for Mega drive or Genesis
Sega Triple Bypass installation service for Mega Drive / Genesis
Sega Triple Bypass Installation service for Sega Mega Drive & Genesis MK1 or Mk2. Now you can have the best RGB video and audio from your Sega Mega Drive or Sega Genesis, this installation service includes a full refurbishment of your console and includes recapping.
The service includes:
  • Testing of Sega Mega Drive/Genesis beforehand
  • Full recapping of the mainboard
  • Installation of the Sega Triple Bypass Modification for RGB
  • Complete Audio modification to go through Triple Bypass - Aidio will now comeout of the mini DIN.
  • Add fixes to reduce jailbars and 'RAM' noise (add pullup resistors and 2 capacitors)
  • Final testing and video taken of unit working.
  • Includes new Mini DIN to RGB Scart Lead
  Overall, this is the best video and audio you will see on the beloved Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.  
What is the Triple Bypass Modification?
  • The modification uses the latest THS7374 amp and uses bypass circuitry to improve RGB signal clarity.
  • A Mega Amp 2.0 audio amp is used which improves the audio compared to a stock Megadrive / Genesis.
  • Jumpers are applied which allow you to choose between many audio configurations.
  • Audio optimised with the MDFourier project to match the best audio quality that comes from a new Model 1.
  • Low-pass filter toggle.
  • The modfication is professionally assembled using high-quality components from JP & USA. Brands such as Nichicon, Vishay, Panasonic.
  • Premium ENIG (gold immersion) finish.
  This is not a repair service, this is for working units only.
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