Elbox Mediator PCI 1200 TX+ BLACK
Elbox Mediator PCI 1200 TX+ busboard is designed to enable the expansion of towered Amiga 1200 with a wide range of high-performance, low-cost PCI cards. New firmware embedded in CPLDs of MEDIATOR 1200 TX allows significant speed-up of graphic card operations when hardware 2D and 3D acceleration is used in single-processor systems (68k or PPC).   Features: - 6 PCI slots (PCI 2.2 compatible) - Power Management Interface - 66/33MHz PCI clock (transfer rate up to 264MB/s) - 32-bit PCI datapath - 4GB PCI memory space - Busmastering/DMA in all PCI slots - SDRAM/SGRAM of PCI gfx card as a fast DMA buffer - Interrupt controller (4 lines to each PCI card) - AT and ATX PSU connectors - Compatibility with 68030/040/060 and PPC turbo cards - Fits in any A1200 in D-BOX, E/BOX (Power, Winner), EZ-Z4 and Infinitiv tower   Software: - 2D graphic drivers for: Radeon 9200, Voodoo5, Voodoo4, Voodoo3, Voodoo Banshee, - S3 Virge and S3 Virge DX PCI graphic cards - Warp 3D drivers working with Voodoo5, Voodoo4 and Voodoo3 graphic cards - TV tuner drivers for: most of available PCI TV tuners (over 100 models supported) - AHI sound drivers for: Sound Blaster 4.1 Digital, Sound Blaster 128 and - ForteMedia FM801-based sound cards (e.g. Terratec 512i Digital) - USB drivers for the Poseidon stack for: Spider and Spider II USB 2.0 cards - Network Sana-2 drivers for: Fast Ethernet 100Mbps PCI cards - Network Sana-2 drivers for: Ethernet 10Mbps PCI cards Current info about supported PCI cards is available in the Mediator Driver Guide. Package contents: - Mediator PCI 1200 TX black busboard - Mediator Multimedia CD - User's Manual   We can also supply the Elbox BlackBOX 1200 Tower case    
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Elbox BlackBOX 1200 MK-II
Elbox BlackBOX Tower 1200 MK II
Elbox BlackBOX tower 1200 MK II is a modern, functional and spacious tower case for the Amiga A1200. BlackBOX MK II offers comfortable use of a wide range of accessories you could only dream of in the original A1200 case, for example, a CD Rom Drive. If you want to take this even further this is the perfect case for adding the Mediator PCI 1200 TX Plus which allows you to add PCI graphics cards like the Radeon 9200 graphics card, sounder blaster card and PCI network card. The powerful 450W ATX PSU is prepared for the massive expandability of your Amiga 1200 hardware. Features: • Tower case for Amiga A1200 computers • 450W ATX power supply unit • A microprocessor PC/Amiga keyboard interface • 2 bays for 5.25" drives • 5.25" to 2,5" black adapter for Amiga floppy disc drive (black fascia for A1200 floppy drive included) • 2 bays for 3.5" (internal) hard disc drives • 1 bay for 2.5" (internal) hard disc drive • Chassis structure: steel • Transparent side panel • Air flow cooling system with 2 fans • Top panel buttons: POWER and RESET • Top panel LEDs: Power and HDD • 2 USB connectors on the top panel - Rapidroad required • Dimensions LxWxH: 465mm x 205mm x 445mm (18.3in x 8.1in x 17.5in)   We are able to build you an Elbox BlackBOX Tower Amiga 1200 system and can offer a wide range of configurations including and not limited to:   Refurbished Amiga A1200 Motherboard ReAmiga A1200 Motherboard Mediator PCI 1200 TX Plus TF1260 with Full 68060 CPU FPU/MMU 50Mhz     Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options. Manual available here      
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