Black Amiga Keycaps US Layout
Amiga Black Keycaps A1200 A500 A600 US Layout
Amiga Black Keycaps A1200 A500 A600 Black Keycaps US Layout Amiga Keycaps Set. Each sets contains 108 keycaps. The Keycaps can be used on ISO & ANSI keyboards, also included are extra keycaps to support the specific layout of the Mitsumi Amiga A600 Keyboard (green ribbon version NOT blue).   Compatibility Notice
  • New Amiga Keycaps are compatible with Mitsumi Switches only!
  • Not compatible with Amiga 1000.
  What’s in the box
  • 96x Keycaps : Compatible with A1200 / A500 / A600 / A2000 / A3000 / A4000
  • Includes : Standard Return Key (ISO) / FAT Return Key (ANSI) & Additional long Shift Key (ANSI)
  • 12x Keycaps for Amiga A600 compatibility
  • 1x Standard Space bar
  • 1x Short Space bar (A600)
  • 100x Springs : Should you need to replace some old ones.
  • Small & Medium sized plastic clips for special key stabilizers.
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Amiga A500 A500 Plus New Case Beige
New Amiga A500 Case (Beige) with Black Keycaps (US Layout)
Amiga A500 case brand new in beige with black US layout keycaps bundle from These Amiga A500 cases allow you to fit an original Amiga A500 motherboard or A500 Plus motherboard, a perfect case replacement for damaged or aged cases. However these cases are not just a tribute to a classic machine but also take into account some of the modern innovations that have been designed for these computers over the last few years!   Enhanced Design Features for Ultimate Convenience Firstly, experience the convenience of the enhanced design features. The cases include a new right side trapdoor, allowing for easy access to HDMI using the RGB2 HDMI adaptor, USB, and Micro SD Cards. Additionally, a rear trapdoor is available for RJ45 adapters, enhancing your connectivity options. Furthermore, the cases possess robust metal threads for screws and offer extra metal threaded mounts, compatible with Raspberry Pi and Apollo V4 SA boards.   What’s Included in Your Amiga 500 Case Box
  • 1x Amiga 500 Case (Top & Bottom Shells)
  • 1x Custom A500 Case badge (metal)
  • 1x Bottom Trap Door with vents
  • 2x Rear Trap Doors (RJ45 & Plain)
  • 2x Right Side Trap Doors (I/O Ports & Plain)
  • 1x Left Side Trap Door
  • 4x Pads + 1x Floppy button
  • 6x Screws
  • Black US Layout Keycaps
  These are UK stock   EARLYBIRD: Any case pre-ordered by 12th January 2024 will also receive a FREE Amiga 1354 Tank Mouse Replacement Shell worth £19.99 inc VAT. Amiga 1354 Tank Mouse Replacement Shell   Further services: Simply contact us if you have any requests or questions        
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