Re-Amiga A1200 Build Service
ReAmiga A1200 Refurbished Fully Built
ReAmiga A1200 Rev 1.5 Refurbishment Service built using an A1200 board the customer supplies as a donor*. The Re-Amiga A1200 is a reverse engineered board by John "Chucky" Hertell. and is a full A1200 board with some extras added which include:
  • Composite Video area changed to a new decoder for improved quality.
  • VGA Connector added, VGA monitor needs to support 15Khz!
  • S-Video Connector for S-Video Out
  • Kickstart switch built in, if you are using 27C800 Eproms. you can program one bank with one kickstart and the other bank with another.
  • PCMCIA Reset fix.
  • Optional IRQ7 Switch.
  • Native PAL or NTSC Option (below)
  • Added LED's for _RST, _KB_RST, _ODD_CIA, _EVEN_CIA and _ROMEN also to Serial TXD and RXD (from the 5V level).
  • Added resistor to IDE Activity so now adapters that made IDE led always bright will be handled correctly.
  • Added pads close to floppy connector for a 0Ohm resistor if you want to do the Escom floppy patch instead of a wire.
  • 9 Pin Mouse Port
  • Fits in your current metal shielding**
  This is a build service using a donor board you provide or provide the needed parts to complete the build. We are able to provide a donor board if required, ask for further details.    Once ordered we will request a 10% deposit to secure the service and send the you the address where to send you A1200 donor board.   * Custom chips will be tested before hand, any custom chips which are faulty we will contact you and send a quote for the any faulty chips or parts. ** ReAmiga board does not come with any metal shielding.  
We reserve the right to cancel and refund any deposit made if we find an issues with securing any component or costs have increased to a level where building a unit becomes unaviable.
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A2000 Replica Motherboard
Amiga 2000 Replica Motherboard FULLY BUILT
Amiga 2000 Replica Motherboard fully built with all custom chips including Buster with an option of an additional 1Mb Chip ram upgrade to take it to a total of 2Mb of chip ram which is perfect as a start for WHDLoad with a TF534 or TF536 Accelerator card. This board is a replica of the A2000 rev 6.2 motherboard reverse engineered by Floppy209. The unit was built from both new parts and recycled parts.
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