Atari 1040 STFM Refurbished
Refurbished Atari 1040 STFM

Refurbished Atari 1040 STFM.

Technical Specifications
  • Motorola 68000 (8Mhz) CPU
  • 1Mb Ram (Standard)
  • 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • UK Layout Keyboard
  • TOS V1.02
What’s included? Professionally refurbished Atari 1040 STFM inc Power lead (power cable will have correct plug depending on where its being sent). NOTE Cases may have a 520 STFM Badge but all our Atari STFM will have 1Mb of ram minimum.   What is Refurbished? The Atari STFM mainboard has been professionally recapped deep cleaned using a Ultrasonic cleaner, bathed using deionised water and professional grade PCB/Flux cleaning solution. Once completed it is dried and a full diagnostic test is completed. Each unit is thoroughly inspected and tested including:
  • Full Keyboard check.
  • Floppy drive read and write test.
  • Sound checked.
  • Video checked.
  • Case and keyboard is stripped and cleaned.
We can also perform the following Atari STFM fixs if required - ask for further details
  • 10K pull up resistor network to the DMA databus.
  • 1772 Pull up Resistors added.
  • STFM Reset fix 22uF added across C100.
  • Bus resistors replaced with 2.2k resistor arrays.
  Worldwide shipping available simply contact us for a shipping quote.    Images of the Atari STFM for illustrative purposes only, each unit will show signs of age and use.
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