11Mb Ex1T A1200 Ram Expansion
Amiga A1200 Memory Expansion 11Mb
Amiga A1200 11Mb memory expansion card upgrades your Amiga A1200 with 11Mb of additional ram which is perfect for WHDLoad or just want a little boost! The Ex1T card is installed on the expansion port accessible through the trapdoor located under the Amiga 1200. Once in place your Amiga will be 2/3 times faster than the original base model, thanks to the modern memory being used. The card can also be configured by a jumper or software with the following configurations:
  • 5.5MB will be always available,
  • Additional 4MB which can be activated / deactivated via switch or software (Not PCMCIA compatible),
  • Additional 1.5MB software activated (Compatible with Amiga OS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 but not compatible with Amiga OS 3.1.4 due to a bug)
  In addition you can add a RTC chip (available as an option) and a coin battery to provide you an RTC for your Amiga 1200. This card is CE / RoHS Compliant   Software to manage software is here 
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A1200 FPU Onboard Mod
A1200 FPU Upgrade (Onboard)
A1200 FPU upgrade (onboard) which includes socket, FPU and installation.
What does the modification do?
This FPU modification adds a real FPU to the A1200 motherboard, there has always been a place (U0) for an onboard FPU but it was never added. This is a perfect compliment for a stock A1200 or one with an accelerator without an FPU option, for example The TF1230 or any standard ram upgrade like the 11Mb Fast Ram upgrade. However there are a couple of limitations of adding an onboard FPU.
  • The FPU will be using the CPU clock which is at 14Mhz, which means the FPU will be running at 14Mhz
  • The FPU will be disabled if you use a 040 or 060 accelerator, for example TF1260. This is because both the 040 and 060 processors do not acknowledge external FPUs as you can get those processors with built in FPUs.
This modification is available as an option on our A1200 recapping service, ReAmiga 1200 and Refurbished units. Checkout this Youtube video by Chris Edwards   Process of ordering: Like our recapping service, you would need to send us your A1200 motherboard only. Once you have ordered you will receive an automated email with where to send the board and how to pack it.   [space_40]
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