Amiga A600 PiggyBackNot V3 RGB2HDMI
Amiga A600 PiggyBackNot RGB2HDMI 1Mb Expansion
Amiga A600 PiggyBackNot V3 is an Amiga 600 trapdoor expansion that adds 1Mb Chip Ram and also integrates a RGB2HDMI circuit that then allows you to add a Raspberry Pi Zero (not included). The benefit of this upgrade is that it allows you to add a selection of upgrades that plug over the 68000 CPU, for example the 8Mb Mini Fast Ram card the xT 28Mhz, 11Mb Accelerator or the awesome A630 68030, 64Mb accelerator. So you can have HDMI output and the extra fast ram or accelerator in a very tidy package. Specifications:
  • 1MB additional CHIP RAM
  • Implemented RGB2HDMI logics in small CPLD
  • RPI Zero connector
  • Integrated denise adapter on flex ffc cable.
  • RTC Socket (Add a Real Time Clock Chip
  • 3 x Clockports
  • Flexible mHDMI to HDMI FFC cable included!
  • Slim construction, No need to remove the trapdoor cover or replace with one that allows the expansion
  • Module does not interfere with fast ram cards or accelerator cards.
Not included:
  • Raspberry Pi
  • SD Card
  • 3D Printed HDMI Mount
    1 Year RTB Warranty.   A600 PiggyBackNot PCB Colour will vary, Raspberry Pi Zero NOT included.    
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RGB2HDMI Amiga A500
RGB2HDMI Amiga 500 / 500 Plus Adaptor
RGB2HDMI Amiga 500 / 500 Plus Adaptor which plus in to the Denise socket. The RGBtoHDMI project uses a Raspberry Pi Zero (not included) to display a pixel perfect image and it can be softened or scanlines can be added to connect your Amiga A500 or A500 plus to a HDMI TV without any external converter boxes or adaptors and no soldering required!! The advantage of this RGB2HDMI adaptor it allows you to plug Amiga 500 accelerators cards at the same time for example the TF534 or TF536 What is included:
  • RGB2HDMI adapter.
  • Cable with a switch.
  • For every RGB2HDMI sold we donate a percentage of the sale to LinuxJedi (we support our builders and developers).
  • Some very early Amiga 500 rev 3 motherboard might require soldering to provide the necessary sync signals.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero and an SD card are required - these are NOT INCLUDED.
  • Professionally built.
  This version was created by LinuxJedi and is based on the OpenSource RGB2HDMI project by c0pperdragon & hoglet67.    
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