AmiKit PiStorm and PiStorm32-Lite CM4
AmiKIT for PiStorm and Pistorm32 (RPi 3A+, CM4 & RPi4 B)
AmiKit for Pistorm and PiStorm32 is a pre-installed full workbench environment for the Commodore Amiga A500 A500 Plus, A600, A1200 and A2000 equipped with a Pistorm A500, Pistorm A600, PiStorm32-Lite or PiStorm32-Lite CM4. The SD card is packed with over 400+ classic Amiga programs and games. This version has been has been optimised for the PiStorm and It transforms your Amiga workbench interface in to a highly colourful, high resolution RTG desktop perfect for any HDMI monitor!! Checkout this video   What you need:
  • AmigaOS 3.2 ADF Files (Licenced AmigaOS 3.2 is available here)
  • AmigaOS 3.2.2 update (available free from Hyperion's website once you register AmigaOS 3.2)
  • AmigaOS hotfix (again available free from Hyperon)
  • Picasso96 drivers from Aminet
  • Internet connection from your Amiga (to register AmiKit on AmiKit Servers) using a PCMCIA WiFi or LAN card, Plipbox etc. There is a 15min demo of Roadshow TCP/IP stack included. 
  • Full HD 1920x1080 monitor (or at least HD 1360x768) for RTG desktop plus a second Amiga monitor for 15kHz native modes like PAL/NTSC (or just one monitor with multiple inputs or a suitable video upscaler like the Indivision AGA MK3 for the A1200 allowing 15kHz modes on modern monitors)

  What's included
  • 64GB MicroSD Card preloaded with AmiKit for PiStorm.
  • Metal case for for 2 SD and 4 microSD cards.
  • MicroSD to SD card adapter.
  • Licence key to register with AmiKit
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Recommended Specs:

Amiga 1200 with PiStorm32-lite & Raspberry Pi 4B (1GB+ RAM) or CM4 or at least RPi3; with heatsinks + ideally a cooling fan

Minimum Specs:

Amiga 500/600/2000 with PiStorm & Raspberry Pi 3A+ or 3B+ or Zero2W; with heatsinks + ideally a cooling fan

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