Amiga 1200 Mainboard recapped
Amiga 1200 Recapping Service (Standard)
Amiga 1200 recapping service, all board revisions (1A,1B,1D1,1D4,2B). NOTE this is NOT a repair service.
  • Check the board before recapping is begun (any faults found before recapping will be reported back).
  • Removal of existing electrolytic capacitors both SMD and through hole.
  • Cleanup and preparation of areas.
  • Replace using quality electrolytic capacitors.
  • Retest (Video via RGB and Composite, Audio, Floppy Boot, CF Card boot).
Common issues recapping may solve:
  • Bad audio, missing channels, low volume
  • Slow boot up
  • Guru errors or random crashing
When you receive your freshly recapped motherboard back [space_20] Once your board has been returned we strongly suggest testing the board before adding any accessories or putting it back in any shielding (if it was sent without its metal shielding) or case. Many issues arise when the board is then subjected to add-ons being added or put back together without first knowing the board was working in its bare minimum state (PSU, Video/Audio only). We offer 14 days from delivery to notify us of any issues with your recapped board of which we will send you a returns label so we can recheck our work. We do randomly take videos and photos of recapped boards to showcase our work to share on social media and other outlets. Return shipping is calculated at the checkout including £100 cover for loss or damage and we only use tracked services. [space_20] A little bit more about our Amiga recapping service and us! [space_20] We have been recapping Commodore Amiga computers since 2016 and have recapped over 400+ customer boards and 200+ of our own refurbished Amiga units, so you can rest assured that your board is in very safe hands. We use the correct tools and methods for removing old SMD and through-hole capacitors avoiding unnecessary stress being applied to the motherboard or the copper pads themselves. We offer ultrasonic PCB cleaning service where by the motherboard is bathed in a 60 °C deionised water bath combined with a PCB cleaner for 3 mins and then naturally dried for 24 hours. Results will vary depending on the condition of the board. When you receive your board back, you can rest assured your board will be in the best condition to allow you to install any upgrades you have in mind, weather that be a new TF1230, TF1260, PiStorm32-Lite or a simple 8Mb Ram card. And lastly, each board will have a sticker put on with the month/year it was recapped, what type of service was used and if it has been refurbished (ultrasonic clean) or repaired. [space_40]    
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Refurbished Amiga A1200
Refurbished Commodore Amiga 1200 Unit

Commodore Amiga 1200 - Professionally refurbished

Technical Specifications
  • Motorola 68020 (14Mhz) CPU
  • 2Mb Chip Ram
  • 3.0 Kickstart Roms
  • 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • UK Layout Keyboard
  What's included?
  • Professionally refurbished Amiga 1200 Unit (excluding mouse and PSU, these are options that can be added below).
  What is refurbished? Each Commodore Amiga 1200 mainboard is professionally recapped (standard or Polymer is available at extra cost) and deep cleaned using a Ultrasonic cleaner, bathed using deionised water and professional grade PCB/Flux cleaning solution. Once completed it is dried and a full diagnostic test is completed. Each unit is thoroughly inspected make sure the Amiga 1200 worked as it did when it first came from the factory back in the 1990’s, case and keyboard is stripped and cleaned but due to age may show signs of use. Each Amiga 1200 is refurbished to the customers specifications, with that in mind each unit can take 14/21 working days to prepare and test depending on demand.   What is Ultrasonic cleaning? Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (usually from 20–40 kHz) to agitate a fluid, this fluid is made up for this specific job which is to clean and remove any flux left over from recapping. We use deionised water (deionized depending where your from) and professional grade PCB cleaner. An example of the results and the process: [kad_youtube url="" ]  
Amiga Motherboard Before being Recapped & Ultrasonic Cleaned
Refurbished Amiga Motherboard - Recapped & Ultrasonic Cleaned
  Want to add some extras? We want you to have the Amiga you always wanted, and that's why we can offer some great upgrades to your Amiga, for example: Extra fast ram for WHDLoad, Scan doublers, Gotek drives etc. Ordering We only ask for a deposit and the rest upon completion. Shipping now July 2024 Shipping Worldwide shipping available simply contact us for a shipping quote.     Important Notes:  
  • Images of the Amiga 1200 are for illustrative purposes only, each unit will show signs of age and use. If you want photos of the Amiga 1200 we have please contact us.
  • As these are custom built they can take between 21/28 working days depending on what add-ons are added and workload.
  • Deposits are not refundable
  • No software warranty or support is provided, any software included is sold as seen.
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TF1230 Accelerator Amiga 1200 - Terriblefire
TF1230 Amiga Accelerator 128Mb – Terriblefire
TF1230 Amiga Accelerator - Terriblefire for the Amiga 1200 which hosts a 68030 processor running at 50Mhz coupled with 128mb of fast ram. This card is a perfect add-on for the Amiga A1200 and is the sweet spot between cost and speed.This card is a perfect add-on for the Amiga A1200 and is the sweet spot between cost and speed. And is the next step up after the 11Mb Ex1T Fast Ram or if your budget does not quite stretch to the Terriblefire TF1260, the TF1230 A1200 card is the perfect add-on and you will notice a huge speed difference.
  • 68030 'Gold' CPU running at 50MHZ (NOT OVERCLOCKED) with MMU
  • 128Mb Fast Ram
  • IDE Interface - Driver required - ehide.device or purchase our AmigaOS 3.2 Rom with ehide.device built in (uploading of AmigaOS purchase evidence required)
  • Fits in your old/new stock A1200 case!!!
  • Timing fix is strongly recommended on your A1200 motherboard. We can do this free of charge if you send your board to us (return shipping does need to be covered).
  • Kickstart ROM 3.1, 3.1.4, 3.2, 3.x or 3.9 (not compatible with 3.0).
  • Some boards do not have a chamfered edge on the connector (1A and 1B boards) which may bend the connector pins, if your unsure please ask.
What is TerribleFire?
Well it's not what it's who, and that person is Stephen Leary who has designed a whole host of accelerators and ram cards for the Amiga A500, A1200 and Amiga CD32. These include many but the most common ones are:    
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Bifrost A1200 Heimdall Edition
BIFROST A1200 Heimdall Edition LED Replacement
Bifrost A1200 Heimdall Edition board is a direct keyboard LED replacement board for your Amiga 1200 computer. It uses some of the latest cutting edge technology to bring you an updated, fully feature packed and highly customisable cosmetic experience for your beloved retro computer, available literally at your fingertips. Customize the POWER-, FLOPPY- and HARDDRIVE LEDs to any colours and brightness of your choice using the LEDs themselves as programming buttons. You can also choose from pulsating effects as well as colour cycling effects. Each channel comes with three LEDs and all LEDs are individually programmable. All in all you will find that the A1200 Bifrost, can deliver over 150 million colour and brightness combinations to EACH channel making the Bifrost a great choice for putting that personal touch to your Amiga machine. The Bifrost also supports PCMCIA signal and/or up to three custom devices on separate input channels, utilizing a secondary indicator layer on each of the LED rows. Furthermore, it supports the new CAPS LOCK Bifrost module not allowing for any original lights to escape user customization.   What's included:
  • 1x A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition
  • 1x A1200 CL Module
  • 1x 30cm 4-lead connection wire
  • 1x 30cm 1-lead connection wire
  • 1x Bleed Shield
  • 1x Diffuser Holder
  • 6x Normal Diffusers (3x for T1-, 3x for T2-cases)
  • 6x Tall Diffusers (3x for T1-, 3x for T2-cases)
  • 1x DIY PCMCIA enabling kit
  Below are a couple of videos demonstrating what you can achieve:  
A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition - Demo
[kad_youtube url="" ]    
BIFROST A1200 Heimdall Edition - Advanced Mixing
[kad_youtube url="" ]   These units will fit any Amiga 1200 case including the A1200.NET cases we sell. Full manual on fitting and setting up is available here   Photo credits: Conny Larsson  - Product image Johnnathan Taylor  
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Amiga A1200 HDISK/FDISK LED Adaptor
Amiga A1200 HDISK/FDISK LED Adapter
Amiga A1200 HDISK/FDISK LED adapter provides 2 separate inputs to show the activity of and not limited to, Icedrake V4, PiStorm32-Lite SD slot, hard drives or PCMCIA port using the original LED module on the Amiga 1200 LED panel. Signals for the internal HDD and DISK are transmitted as is, also this module corrects the constant LED light that may occur with some SD or CompactFlash cards. There are also LEDs on the module itself that show floppy and hard drive activity. This can be especially useful when the Amiga 1200 is operated without the original keyboard. Configuration  There are a total of 2 pins available on  J3  , which have the following characteristics.
  • A  = HDD input - (output via HDISK LED)
  • B  = FDD input - (output via FDISK LED)
  So for example you want to show the PCMCIA activity, you would connect a wire to the FDD input and any PCMCIA activity will show via the FDISK LED.   NOTE: Soldering skills will be required when connecting 3rd party activity signals to the Amiga A1200 HDISK/FDISK LED adapter, more details to follow.  
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11Mb Ex1T A1200 Ram Expansion
Amiga A1200 Memory Expansion 11Mb
Amiga A1200 11Mb memory expansion card upgrades your Amiga A1200 with 11Mb of additional ram which is perfect for WHDLoad or just want a little boost! The Ex1T card is installed on the expansion port accessible through the trapdoor located under the Amiga 1200. Once in place your Amiga will be 2/3 times faster than the original base model, thanks to the modern memory being used. The card can also be configured by a jumper or software with the following configurations:
  • 5.5MB will be always available,
  • Additional 4MB which can be activated / deactivated via switch or software (Not PCMCIA compatible),
  • Additional 1.5MB software activated (Compatible with Amiga OS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 but not compatible with Amiga OS 3.1.4 due to a bug)
  In addition you can add a RTC chip (available as an option) and a coin battery to provide you an RTC for your Amiga 1200. This card is CE / RoHS Compliant   Software to manage software is here 
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Amiga 1200 Case White A1200.NET
Amiga 1200 Case Brand New White
Amiga 1200 Case Brand New White from What's included?
  • Top case including enhancements
  • Bottom case including enhancements
  • Enhanced bottom trapdoor with extra vents.
  • Enhanced rear trapdoor + extra plastic holder DVI / VGA shaped hole.
  • Rubber feet
  • Set of screws
How are these brand new?
In 2016 840 Amiga users made it possible in supporting a Kickstarter to reproduce the Amiga 1200 case lead by Philippe Lang, the new A1200 cases are made using Injection Molding manufacturing technique to produce top and bottom shells as well as trapdoors and parts. The process implies the use of 3 new moulds, the first one is for the top shell, second mould for the bottom shell and last one for trapdoors and parts, all produced using brand new moulds.
Enhancements galore:
The Amiga community has never died and some have produced some great add-ons over the years to make sure the Amiga is still relevant and useful today as it was back in the 80's/early 90s and these cases take full advantage of that weather that's simply transferring your existing motherboard from your existing Amiga 1200 or have a luxury of installing a MiST FPGA Board. Below are few more enhancements: [accordion] [pane title="External CF Adaptor" start=open] A CF slot can be open up on the side of the A1200 case to allow easy access to what would be the CF card within the A1200 itself. [/pane] [pane title="MiST FPGA Board"] MiST is a FPGA based modern board that implements classic 16bit computers like the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and 8bit systems like the Commodore 64, ZX-Spectrum, MSX, Atari XL/VCS, Apple II, Colecovision, Sega Master System, NES, SNES as well as Arcade machines. The primary difference between the MiST is that its NOT emulation. The new A1200 case has mounts to mount the MiST FPGA within the A1200 case. [/pane] [pane title="Raspberry PI"] Yes you can mount a Raspberry PI 2/3 within the new A1200 case with the use of the mounts already part of the case for a nice clean solution. [/pane] [pane title="Keyrah V2"] [caption id="attachment_18644" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Keyrah V2 Keyrah V3 for the Amiga 1200/600, C64, VIC 20 and C16[/caption] Keyrah V2 is an IO adaptor that allows you to use the original keyboards of the Commodore Amiga 600 and 1200, Commodore 64, VIC-20 and C-16 within their respective cases. The purpose of this you can then install a Raspberry PI which uses the original keyboard of that computer and providing 2 x D9 ports. The new Amiga 1200 case has mounts are located at middle top of bottom shell. This location make the keyboard adapter available for Raspberry Pi or MiST board. Original Amiga 1200 keyboard ribbon will fit nicely just at the right place on the keyboard adapter board. I/O connectors are accessible through rear panel I/O slots. [/pane] [/accordion]   So what are the differences between the original Commodore case and the New A1200 case?
  • Screw brass inserts in all 6 new screw towers for smooth operations. No more broken plastic clips!
  • Bottom trapdoor offers better cooling with extra vents and 3x rear trapdoors are available: Plain door, VGA hole, DVI hole, perfect for the Re-Amiga
  • Supports for: Raspberry Pi©, MiST© FPGA, Keyrah© V2 keyboard adapter, RapidRoad© DoubleUSB  and Lotharek© HxC Floppy emulator
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Amiga A1200 Keyboard Membrane (NEW)
Amiga A1200 Keyboard Membrane (New)
Amiga A1200 Keyboard Membrane brand new. If you have issues with your Amiga A1200 keyboard with missing keys or missing rows of keys the chances are the membrane needs replacing. These Amiga A1200 brand new (manufactured 2020) membranes are based on the original Mitsumi keyboard membrane (also marked A1200-A) and original Mitsumi Model number 56C774A. What if you have missing keys or rows of keys on the Keyboard? Try these possible fixes first:
  • Check the ribbon is inserted all the way in the connector on the Amiga A1200 mainboard.
  • If it's only 1 or two keys the plunger may need a clean, strip down the keyboard and clean the plunger with some IPA.
  • If it's a whole row of keys missing its a very strong possibility that the membrane on your needs replacing.
  • The final step is to trim off 1mm of the connector (the ribbon end that plugs into the A1200 mainboard).
Do let us know if any of the above fixes help you!  
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TF1260 TerribleFire A1200 Accelerator
TF1260 TerribleFire A1200 Accelerator – NO CPU
TF1260 TerribleFire Amiga 1200 Accelerator which hosts 64Mb Fast Ram, IDE connector (DOES NOT INCLUDE 68060 PROCESSOR). The TF1260 is one of the best 060 accelerators you can purchase for the Amiga 1200 And is the next step up after the TF1230 A1200 Accelerator add-on we sell for those that want that large speed jump. Full specs:
  • 128MByte of fast-ram.
  • IDE Interface - Driver required - ehide.device
  • Compatible with any A1200 motherboard revision.
  • Fits in your old/new stock A1200 case!!!
  • Just add your choice of 68060 processor!
  Processor support: The TF1260 TerribleFire supports all genuine 68060 processors including:
  • MC68060RC50 or XC68060RC50 (Complete with MMU & FPU)
  • MC68LC060RC50 or XC68LC060RC50 (MMU No FPU)
  • MC68EC060RC50 or XC68EC060RC50 (No MMU or FPU)
Only purchase this card if you know you have a genuine 68060 processor, The low end versions that have no MMU or FPU are more often genuine.   Prerequisites 
  • Timing fix is strongly recommended on your A1200 motherboard. We can do this free of charge if you send your board to us (return shipping does need to be covered).
  • Kickstart ROM 3.1, 3.1.4, 3.2, 3.x or 3.9 (not compatible with 3.0).
  What is Terriblefire? Well it's not what it's who, and that person is Stephen Leary who has designed a whole host of accelerators and ram cards for the Amiga A500, A1200 and Amiga CD32. These include many but the most common ones are:   NOTES:
  • For every TF1260 sold we donate a percentage of the sale to Stephen Leary to support further TF card developments and we also support our builders.
  • Timing fix is recommended on your A1200 motherboard. We can do this free of charge if you send your board to us (return shipping does need to be covered).
  • Cards sold as is, they are fully tested and a video will be shared of your card working before shipping.
  • We don't provide any advice or support for overclocking these cards, these are sold as 50Mhz. if you wish to overclock that is your choice. Heatsink and or fan required for overclocking.
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Amiga A1200 Case Badge
Amiga A1200 Case Badge – Black 3D Gel
Brand new Amiga 1200 perfect replacement for any A1200 case or for the new A1200 cases. These are high quality prints finished off in a 3D gel, long lasting and look very smart! Smarten up your Amiga 1200 case!
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Amiga Capacitor Kit A1200 A600 CD32
Amiga A1200 Capacitor Kit Polymer (Premium)
Amiga A1200 Capacitor Kit Polymer (Premium). Polymer capacitors compared to the 'standard' liquid electrolyte capacitors, organic polymer is a solid electrolyte, so these capacitors will never leak. These types are still within the Commodore specification compared to other type of capacitors that are used like tantalum or polymer tantalums which should be avoided. We only use quality capacitors and use these in our own Amiga A1200 premium recapping service.
  • Complete set of capacitors for Amiga 1200 mainboard
  • Compatible with both PAL and NTSC models including Escom models
  • Compatible with Rev. 1A, 1B,1D1,1D4 and Rev. 2B revisions

Package includes:

  • Full set of SMD and through hole capacitors.
  It is assumed the right tools and techniques are used in replacing capacitors as we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to your board using our Amiga A1200 Capacitor Kit. If your an sure we offer a range of Amiga recapping services including fixs and ultrasonic cleaning, contact us for any further information or search Amiga recapping services    
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PiStorm32-Lite Rear Panel HDMI - USB & SD Card Slot
PiStorm32-Lite Rear Panel HDMI – USB – SD
PiStorm32-Lite Rear Panel which provides easy access to the internal PiStorm32-Lite HDMI, USB and SD card slot, negates the need to open up the A1200 trapdoor and access the SD card when updates are released.
The panel is 3D printed and available in:
  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
When purchasing, leave a note of the colour required.   Whats included:
  • Rear Panel
  • Micro HDMI Extension Cable
  • MicroSD Extension Cable
  • USB Extension Cable
  • M3 Screw and nut
  This is for the Pistorm32-Lite with Raspberry Pi3A+   Checkout the other great work the developer has created here  
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